How To Start Participating in Pfizer Clinical Trials

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The Pfizer Choice—How To Participate in Pfizer Clinical Trials

Pfizer is a multinational pharmaceutical corporation based in NYC. It’s one of the world’s largest suppliers, and it sponsors thousands of clinical trials for new treatments every year.

Individuals looking to participate in clinical trials will be glad to know that there’s an abundance of diverse trials to choose from. Finding a clinical trial that matches your exact specifications is the challenging part.

This is where DoNotPay can step in and help. Our app features a comprehensive search engine that can make finding the right clinical trial or medical survey a breeze. Before we get into that, let’s start from the basics.

What Are Clinical Trials?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines clinical trials as voluntary research studies conducted on human subjects and designed to answer specific questions about the safety or effectiveness of drugs, vaccines, other therapies, or new ways of using existing treatments.

In the simplest terms, clinical trials are test runs for new types of treatment. They are done in a clinical setting with human test subjects. Clinics and research centers conduct different phases of clinical trials, and every stage has a crucial role in understanding and advancing the treatment options. These are the phases that most treatments go through during testing:

  1. Phase 0—This phase isn’t considered essential by the FDA. Its purpose is to check how a drug interacts with the human body. The doses used aren’t representative of potential therapeutic effects, so the testing isn’t a metric for safety or efficacy. Estimating the drug’s pharmacokinetic properties can help speed up its development in later phases. Phase 0 is more consistent than animal studies
  2. Phase I—The primary concern of this phase is the safety of the drug or procedure. Small amounts are administered to test subjects, and side effects are thoroughly studied. The maximum tolerable dose will be determined during this phase. Participants receive 24-hour medical monitoring and oversight
  3. Phase II—After the dosage range is set, the next goal is to evaluate the treatment’s efficacy. A larger group of participants is involved in phase II studies. The definite dose is determined during this phase
  4. Phase III—It evaluates the effectiveness of the treatment when compared to established alternatives. There are between several hundred and several thousand participants involved. The larger number of research subjects makes it easier to note rare side effects. Phase III drugs can be marketed while still undergoing tests, under the FDA’s supervision, but this is not a common practice
  5. Phase IV—Once the treatment is on the market, researchers continue to monitor long-term side effects and cross-drug interactions. Safety surveillance continues indefinitely during this phase

Pfizer conducts trials in all four phases of clinical research.

How Can DoNotPay Help Me Participate in Pfizer Clinical Studies?

Most people don’t know how to find appropriate clinical trials. Searching for “clinical trials near me” will provide results, but you aren’t likely to find the exact kind of trial you need. Websites that are dedicated to finding clinical research for prospective participants have mediocre search engines with few filters.

For a more comprehensive option, use DoNotPay’s clinical trial search function. Our app makes the process simple and straightforward. Only a few clicks separate you from thousands of available clinical trials. Our customized matching algorithm makes sure you get only the trials that would interest you. Here’s how to use our app:

  1. Access DoNotPay in your
  2. Navigate to the Clinical Trials tab and click on Get Started
  3. Use the customizable filters to narrow down your search
  4. Choose a study that interests you and press Contact

DoNotPay will then contact the researcher, and you should hear from them within a few days. You can use our app to bookmark studies that are full in their current phase or those that haven’t started recruiting participants yet.

DoNotPay doesn’t ask for anything in return—any money you make from the clinical trial is yours to keep.

What Are the Benefits of Signing Up for Pfizer Clinical Trials?

There are numerous reasons why people sign up for clinical trials:

  • Wanting to help medicine move forward
  • Getting the latest drugs and treatments for their illness
  • Helping those close to them that suffer from various illnesses
  • Covering their medical expenses
  • Wanting to get paid

As clinical trials carry a certain level of risk, compensation is a common way for research centers to encourage new participants.

Pfizer offers paid clinical trials for healthy volunteers in multiple phases of medical research.

Whether or not the company can pay test subjects depends on the local laws. You should check if your desired trial provides compensation.

Pfizer may also cover costs associated with joining a clinical trial. The informed consent document that participants sign beforehand details the trial’s policy regarding travel and stay expenses.

How To Sign Up for Pfizer Clinical Trials on Your Own

You can request to join specific clinical trials from the Pfizer website. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Navigate to the Find a Trial page
  2. On the left side of the page, input conditions or keywords in the search bar and choose your location
  3. Under Matching Trials, pick a result that matches your criteria best
  4. Contact the research center that’s hosting the trial via the email or phone number displayed in the search result

The center or clinic should inform you within a few days if you’re eligible for the trial.

Dial 1-800-718-1021 to reach Pfizer’s contact center if you have any questions about a trial or how to join it.

Where Else Can I Find Clinical Trials

You can also use well-established clinical trial databases to find a trial that best suits you. Here are a few notable examples:


U.S. National Library of Medicine

  • Features hundreds of thousands of clinical trials
  • Includes studies from all 50 states and over a hundred other countries

National Cancer Institute

  • Focuses on cancer-related clinical trials
  • Has an advanced search option that can help narrow down searches

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