Request a Live Nation Ticket Refund

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Wondering How To Get a Live Nation Ticket Refund? Here’s a Handy Guide

Live Nation is a global entertainment company that provides tickets for live shows. It helps promote events and operate venues. Based in Beverly Hills, California, it originally started as a project to consolidate and nationalize concert promoters. After merging with Ticketmaster, it’s become the largest ticketing company in the U.S.

Venues often cooperate with Live Nation/Ticketmaster and use their service to sell tickets. It’s not an ideal situation for customers, as Live Nation has been known to send tickets directly to resellers. It acts as a middleman that creates unnecessary price hikes. Buyers then foot the price without receiving any benefit from Live Nation’s participation.

The cost of the tickets isn’t the only issue. Refunding a booked ticket can be a major hassle, even after an event has been canceled or postponed. Here’s how to get the Live Nation ticket refund.

Here’s the Live Nation Refund Policy for Tickets

The Live Nation refund policy allows refunds under specific circumstances. Two of the most common reasons for ticket refund requests are:

  • Canceled shows
  • Postponed shows

You can cancel your ticket and demand a refund for other reasons, but only if you have Ticketmaster ticket insurance. You can sign up for it while purchasing a ticket on their website or app. The insurance only covers cancellations for reasons such as medical issues and travel delays.

How You Can Get Live Nation Ticket Refunds on Your Own

There aren’t many ways to contact Live Nation/Ticketmaster regarding your refund. The company provides automatic refunds in some cases but requires your input in others.

Getting a Ticket Refund for Canceled Live Nation Events

Live Nation states that it will provide you with an automatic refund for every canceled event. You simply have to wait for the funds to reach your account.

If you don’t receive a refund after 30 days, you should contact Live Nation and Ticketmaster customer support. You can contact them via:

  • Phone
  • Website live chat

Getting a Ticket Refund for Postponed Live Nation Events

If the venue owner has postponed the show for a later date, you might be allowed to refund your ticket. It depends entirely on the venue and the artists performing. They choose the policy for postponed events.

Follow these steps to request a ticket refund:

  1. Log in to your Ticketmaster account
  2. Go to Self Service
  3. Press the Request a refund link, if one is present on the page

Keep in mind that venues and artists can add a refund option at any point before the event. Check in from time to time to see if they’ve added a link to the page. If they don’t add one, you’re out of luck.

These are the methods you can use to refund your Live Nation event ticket:

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No





Ticketmaster accountYes (Questionable)




Issues You Can Run Into When Refunding Live Nation Tickets

There’s no guaranteed timeframe for Live Nation refunds. 30 days is only a rough estimate that depends on the number of requests other buyers have made. You could wait several months before seeing your refund. It’s an unacceptable wait time, considering how expensive many live shows are.

Event organizers have to assign an exact date for the postponed event before you can start requesting a refund. As long as no date is set, there’s no limit to how long you might have to wait.

In these scenarios, it’s best to request a chargeback. DoNotPay streamlines the process and gets it done as quickly as possible.

DoNotPay Will Help You Get a Live Nation Refund in Minutes

Our handy AI Consumer Champion app makes it easier to get a refund for any service, including Live Nation tickets. Instead of waiting weeks to see if your refund is granted, get your money back in minutes using DoNotPay. You can start using the app’s refund feature by opening DoNotPay in your . To get your refund, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to DoNotPay
  2. Scroll down until you find the File a Chargeback option and press Get Protected
  3. Answer a few questions about your bank, the charge, and the merchant in question
  4. Confirm your identity and add your digital signature
  5. Submit the request

DoNotPay will fax the chargeback request to your bank, along with crucial Mastercard and Visa codes to bolster your case. You can choose to review and send the letter yourself, or you can let DoNotPay handle that as well.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Live Nation Refund?

Live Nation should refund your ticket automatically if your show is canceled. It takes some time to process a refund if there are many cancellations at once. Since live venues tend to have many seats, a cancellation inevitably leads to a large number of refund requests.

You can expect your refund to arrive as soon as 30 days after canceling a ticket. You’ll receive a refund to the same payment option that you used originally.

Postponed shows are a different story. You have to wait until Live Nation announces the new date for the show before requesting a refund. If 60 days pass before a new date is picked, you can send your request.

Can I Check the Status of My Live Nation Refund?

No. There is currently no way to monitor the status of your refund. You can contact customer support if you haven’t received your funds in the designated time frame.

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