How to Cancel Your IKEA Order in a Flash

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How to Cancel an IKEA Order Easily

IKEA is popular for its budget-friendly furniture and home accessories with over 60 million customer visits and nearly 500 million online visits in the US alone. You probably signed up ready to spruce up your house with some stylish DIY furniture and decor. But now you've realized that you may not require the purchase or your address has changed and you would like to know how to perform an IKEA cancel an order.

Canceling an order by yourself can get tricky and frustrating, especially if you don't have the right information or the time to complete the process.

That's why this article will prove handy because it will provide you with a step-by-step guide on and extra helpful information should you need to send demand letters to the company. We'll also see why is the best one-stop solution for canceling orders today.

How to Cancel an IKEA Purchase

To cancel an IKEA purchase, you are required to reach out to customer support through:


The phone number to use is 1-866-866-IKEA (4532). Your call will either get picked by support staff immediately or lead you to an automated service. Make sure to answer the prompts correctly to get directed to a company representative.

Keep these conditions in mind when making the cancellation:

  1. You should make the request 24 hours before delivery
  2. You will receive a full purchase refund within 14 days
  3. The delivery fee is non-refundable meaning it's not included in the purchase refund
  4. The refund will be completed via the same payment mode used to make the purchase


Customer support may also ask you to send an email through the contact form on the IKEA website. You are required to fill in the form and submit it. This applies to canceling orders online as well.

You can cancel your online order through your account if the purchase process hasn't made too much progress. If you notice that you can't cancel on this platform, you should quickly contact customer support using the number provided above.

IKEA Customer Support Number1-866-866-IKEA (4532)
IKEA Cancellation Formvia IKEA personal account
IKEA Cancellation FAQ

Potential Problems When Canceling an IKEA Purchase

Making a cancellation is by no means an easy fit to achieve and with IKEA you'll more than likely encounter the following challenges:

  • Long Phone Queue
  • Many customers have felt the pain of trying to get through to IKEA customer support on time via the phone. In most cases, you may end up paying the shipping charge simply because you couldn't cancel the order on time. However, getting through to customer support is the best option you have to cancel an order so you should keep trying until you get the help you need.
  • Lagging Email Canceling Process
  • The email form provided through your IKEA account is in most cases unreliable for making order cancellations. You may find that the order is still scheduled for delivery despite submitting a cancellation.


  • Refuse the Delivery
  • Once the order is dispatched for delivery, the company recommends that you reject the delivery. The refusal will activate a refund request which will allow you to receive a refund minus the shipping charge. If you choose to return the purchase to a physical store, make sure to carry the receipt and a valid photo ID and check that the package is undamaged and unopened.
  • Contact a Third-Party Company

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