Can You Cancel a Zelle Payment and Get Your Money Back?

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Can You Cancel a Zelle Payment?

Zelle is a simple way to send money back and forth to pretty much any bank account in the United States, typically within minutes. All you need is a mobile number or email address and you can easily, quickly, and safely send and receive money, regardless of where you or the other person bank.

But, what about when it comes to getting your money back? Can you cancel a Zelle payment? There are steps you can take on how to cancel a payment on Zelle, but there are also certain restrictions. Let DoNotPay help.

Can You Cancel a Zelle Payment?

If you're asking yourself, "Can I cancel a Zelle payment", this comes directly from Zelle:

The only time you can cancel a payment is if the person you sent the money to hasn't enrolled with Zelle yet. In this case, you'd simply hop on over to your Zelle activity page either within the Zelle app itself or through your mobile banking app, and then select the payment you're looking to cancel and click on "Cancel This Payment."

It gets a bit trickier when the person has enrolled with Zelle already. You can't simply cancel the Zelle payment then, because as soon as you hit "send", the money goes straight into their bank account.

How Do You Cancel a Zelle Payment?

Remember, you can only cancel a payment you sent to a recipient if they're not yet enrolled with Zelle. If you aren't sure if they're enrolled or not, you can check your bank's mobile app or website:

  1. Open and log into your bank's mobile app or website.
  2. Click on the "Activity" tab.
  3. There will be a "Stop the Payment" button available if the recipient isn't enrolled yet with Zelle. You'll just click on it and cancel your payment. You won't see this button if they are enrolled.
  4. You're able to cancel a pending Zelle payment at any time for payments made for future dates by tapping "cancel."

As mentioned, you can only cancel it if the recipient hasn't enrolled with Zelle yet. If you're unsure whether the person has enrolled, you can check within your bank's app or website.

There's no fee to cancel a payment with Zelle either. Check it here:

Zelle Customer Support Number1-844-428-8542
Zelle Support Email AddressN/A
Zelle Support FormForm
Zelle Cancellation FAQCancellations FAQs

Potential Problems When Trying to Cancel a Zelle Payment

The biggest problem when attempting to cancel a Zelle payment is that you can't if the recipient is already enrolled with the service. Remember, the money goes directly into their bank account practically within seconds of you hitting the send button. Therefore, it's always a good idea to make sure you actually want to send the payment and double-check to ensure you have the right information for the recipient.

Can You Request a Chargeback or Refund for a Zelle Payment?

Neither banks nor Zelle itself, offer a type of protection program for Zelle payments. There's no in-app way of requesting a refund if you make a purchase on Zelle and:

  • Aren't satisfied with your purchase
  • Didn't receive the item you purchased

Also, in this case, banks wouldn't initiate a chargeback either.

In some cases, if you contact your bank, you may be able to reverse unwanted Zelle transactions. Depending on your bank, you may be able to initiate a chargeback if you were a victim of a scam or the payment was fraudulent. Otherwise, the only way for you to receive your money back is if the person you sent the money to doesn't enroll in Zelle within two weeks of your payment and it expires. If this occurs, you'll receive a notification and your money will be returned to your account. Let's look at what happens if you suspect a scam or fraudulent payment:


If an individual got into your account without your authorization and used Zelle to make a payment without your involvement, it's considered fraud. It's very important that you report any unauthorized access to your account to your bank immediately. Because you weren't aware of these unauthorized payments coming from your account and you didn't authorize them, in most cases, you're typically able to receive your money back.


While scam and fraud do have similar meanings, there's a difference between the two. A scam is when you were involved in a transaction and did authorize payment, but you didn't receive the item you were supposed to. Even if you were persuaded or tricked by someone to make a payment, it's a scam. Because you were aware of and authorized the payment, there is a chance that you won't get your money back.

It's too easy to be persuaded by scammers. Telling them "no" is the absolute best way of defending yourself from them. It's very important that you never give strangers your:

  • Account credentials
  • Driver's license number
  • Social security number
  • Other personal information

Always trust your instincts if something doesn't feel right and don't allow scammers to get the best of you. Whether you've been scammed or are a victim of fraud, it's crucial that you report it to your bank or other financial institution right away. Before you do this, you'll want to prepare all the essential transaction details, such as:

  1. The time and date of the transaction.
  2. The recipient information.
  3. Other important evidence that may assist you in getting your money back.

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