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How to Cancel Your NCSA Membership

If you needed to would you know where to start? The National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA) is very good at placing the right student-athlete with the right college or university to set up a balanced win-win for the overall success of today's student-athletes.

Being a paid membership service, NCSA has helped thousands of student-athletes either find that perfect balance of sports and academics or decide that their membership is not a good fit for the student-athlete in question.

In this post let's take a using the fast and easy approach through DoNotPay.

What Does NCSA Do and Is NCSA Worth The Price?

In 2000, a group of collegiate coaches and former student-athletes turned the college recruiting process upside down when they introduced The National Collegiate Scouting Association. The NCSA would bring the most advanced digital technology to the world of scouting and recruiting in the realm of college sports.

Today, the NCSA is a part of the most advanced multi-sport training and educational institutions in the world. Every year more than 35000 verified college coaches across 38 sports get connected with student-athletes that can excel on the field and in the classroom.

The 2000 Google reviews that have NCSA at 4.9 stars out of 5, speak for themselves. This service can and does work.

Even though an NCSA membership is a bit pricey with the lowest priced membership at $500 per year, parents of these student-athletes say that it is worth every penny as an NCAA Division 1 coach can begin watching and grooming potential recruits as early as the 8th grade.

NCSA Different Tiers of Service and Cost

In 2016, the National Collegiate Scouting Association changed its acronym for the NCSA to, the Next College Student-Athlete. The marketing department of NCSA felt that change would better serve a larger population of potential student-athletes.

The name change also brought with it a considerable cost change.

The first tier of a paid membership to NCSA sits at $500. That tier is just slightly more advantageous than the NCSA FREE version that gets the student-athlete's name on the board with other potential recruits within the same sport.

The $500 membership is double what it was when NCSA first started. The three remaining tiers of membership top out at just over $2000 and unlock every feature of NCSA.

NCSA FREE/$500 Level Membership

These are the available features of the FREE and first level of membership at $500.

  • Create a student-athlete profile
  • Limited access to the NCSA University digital products
  • One free online recruiting class
  • One free online group session with a recruiter

Top Tier $2000+ Level Membership

You and your potential student-athlete can gain access to every feature of NCSA with a top tier membership that includes;

  • More exposure to the elite schools in your particular sport
  • Private sessions with a college recruiter
  • Ability to email coaches and recruiters
  • SAT/ACT prep
  • Ongoing support from your appointed recruiting coach
  • Recruitment/guidance from initial consultation through graduation
  • Four (4) professionally edited highlight videos

The parents of the student-athlete at this level of membership look at the hefty $2000+ price tag as the first investment into their student-athletes future.

Canceling the NCSA Membership

Every year, several student-athletes are either injured or academically disqualified from being able to fulfill their end of a sports scholarship. When this happens students and parents alike are disappointed and seek a refund on their NCSA membership.

If you purchased a membership to NCSA you must remember that to cancel the membership you need to;

  • Cancel your membership directly with NCSA by submitting a cancellation letter.
  • You can call them at 866-495-5172. If you’re already a member, then you can call them at 877-845-6272
  • Cancel any pre-set recurring payments
  • Cancel any third-party apps associated with managing your NCSA membership
  • Document and print a copy of each aspect of the cancellation
Can You Cancel NCSA Membership ViaYes/No
Company Website/ Support Form (or another alternative method)Yes

You will be shown a confirmation page. Click on the "Cancel Automatic Payments" tab to affirm that you want to stop making payments to NCSA Athletic Recruiting.

Then click "Done" on the verification page to complete the unsubscription.

NCSA memberships are another prime example of an item being purchased through a third-party app vendor. Just because you canceled the membership with the NCSA, you must also cancel with the app you purchased your membership through.

There are several accounts online that voice the displeasure of the NCSA experience because of cancellation issues that kept allowing the recurring payment to be taken from a customer's bank card they had on file with the vendor they purchased the NCSA app through. There is a much better way to cancel your NCSA membership and that's through DoNotPay.

Cancel Your NCSA Membership With DoNotPay

Your NCSA membership does not need to be so confusing when trying to cancel. DoNotPay was designed to make issues like your NCSA membership cancellation a fast and easy process.

How to cancel your NCSA membership in 3 steps:

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  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

Once you submit the details, we'll work on canceling your subscription! We'll even try to get a refund on your behalf. Let DoNotPay do all the leg work and heavy lifting when canceling your NCSA membership!

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