How to Cancel Keeps the Easy Way

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How to Cancel Keeps the Easy Way

Probably, you are curious about the best way of treating hair loss if it is part of the challenges you are facing. Getting over-the-counter products from your local drugstore may be an option, but you can also consider online subscription services to save money and time.

Before delving into Keeps review and how to cancel the subscription, understand that DoNotPay can help you manage such services in the best way possible.

Insight Into Keeps

As part of the online services available out there, Keeps helps you to access Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved treatments for reducing hair loss from the comfort of your couch.

You should expect daily supplies every three months at a significant discount over pharmacy prices once you opt for the service. Additionally, you will access a team of trained care specialists and physicians to offer the necessary support and answer your questions.

On the other hand, if you wish to unsubscribe from the service, we will shortly look at how you can cancel your Keeps subscription.

How Keeps Works

Starting with Keeps is possible in two ways as per the details below.

  1. You can choose from minoxidil, finasteride, minoxidil only, or finasteride only. That is possible if you know what you want. After that, you need to complete a short online quiz for a medic to ensure that the plan you select is the right one.
  2. The other option is filling out a questionnaire asking you about your medical history, hair loss, and lifestyle. The option is ideal if you are not sure of the product you need, and you will also need to provide photos of your hair loss in this case. A treatment suggestion will be available once your details are reviewed.

Note that providing a copy of your driver's license or other government-issued ID is inevitable no matter the method you choose from the options above. The reason is that a medic needs to establish your identity before prescribing, and you need a prescription to use Keeps.

Of course, you can cancel your Keeps subscription later on for various reasons.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Keeps?

Pros Cons
  • Free initial consultation even for those who do not have insurance.
  • Staying consistent with your treatment is possible, thanks to the subscription model. Understand that such consistency fosters better results when treating hair loss.
  • In-person appointments for getting your treatments are unnecessary.
  • According to some individuals, going through Keeps is much more convenient than purchasing the products from local pharmacies.
  • Returning or canceling orders after processing is impossible. So, if you need to cancel, ensure you do so before your order is processed to avoid charges.
  • Using Keeps may add steps in states where telemedicine is unavailable. That is because you need a prescription from a separate doctor to access finasteride.
  • You cannot get in-person visits with a doctor through Keeps.
  • The keeps model may not be ideal if your hair loss problem is an underlying medical condition.
  • You are not at liberty to choose your doctor.

Details on How to Cancel Your Keeps Subscription

Since Keeps may not be fit for every other person, canceling your subscription may be inevitable. There are different ways to do so, and here are the details.

  1. You can visit Keeps' website to submit a cancelation request online.
  2. The other option is calling or texting Keeps customer service during working hours, excluding holidays, to inform them about your intention to cancel your subscription.
  3. Click "Support" in the bottom right corner to chat with someone from Keeps about canceling your subscription.

Things to Note When Canceling Your Keeps Subscription

  • Your Keeps subscription cancelation will not be official until you get an email confirming the same.
  • Calling Keeps to ensure your cancelation request is processed is critical if your next refill date is within the next 24 hours.

How to Manage Your Subscriptions Using DoNotPay

According to the details below, managing your subscriptions using DoNotPay is easy once you for the service.

  1. Trace the "Manage Subscriptions" product after logging in to DoNotPay.
  2. You need to provide the name of the subscription service you intend to cancel.
  3. Ensure you avail your account details like your username and email address.

You can also follow these steps to cancel your Keeps subscription when using DoNotPay.

Aspects That Set DoNotPay Apart From Other Platforms

  • It Is Easy – Opting to use DoNotPay withdraws the need to fill out tedious forms and track every step involved in canceling your Keeps subscription.
  • Helps You Succeed – The assistance you get when using DoNotPay guarantees success.
  • Speed – Attending to various tasks using DoNotPay takes a shorter period.

More of What DoNotPay Can Address

Accessing the help you need to cancel your Keeps subscription is what determines whether the process will be smooth or otherwise. with DoNotPay makes such a task easy by offering you the necessary guidance from the onset.

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