How to Secure a Florida Hunting License for Your Upcoming Trip

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Hunting Licenses: What You Need to Know About Getting a Florida Hunting License

When you think of Florida, you likely picture palm trees, beaches, surf, and sunshine. While the coastlines do resemble this idealized image of the Sunshine State, it's also covered in lush forests. These forested areas are home to a number of species that attract hunters from all over the country. From whitetail deer to alligators, there's prey for every hunter.

Before you start traipsing around in the Florida wilderness in search of your next hunting trophy, make sure you're prepared. Whether you're a resident of the State of Florida or a visitor, follow all the rules and carry a valid Florida anytime you're out hunting.

Hunting in Florida

If you plan on going on a hunt in Florida, be prepared for a completely unique experience. Depending upon the time of year, and the part of Florida you're in you may have to deal with intense heat and humidity. The woods are full of insects, snakes, and other critters that can inflict severe pain and suffering. The terrain can be rough, tightly packed, and difficult to get through. In other words, if you're going to be , you're going to have to work for it.

Who is Eligible to Get a Hunting License in Florida?

Florida residents as well as non-resident hunters are eligible to obtain a Florida hunting license if they can provide the appropriate documentation. You'll need to show:

  1. A Valid Florida Driver's License or State ID
  2. A Valid Out-of-State Driver's License or ID

What Are the Different Types of Florida Hunting Licenses?

Florida hunters must purchase a hunting license. In addition, you may need another type of permit. Some of the types of permits you may need include:

  • Deer permit
  • Turkey permit
  • Migratory bird permit
  • Florida waterfowl permit and Federal duck stamp
  • Archery season permit
  • Crossbow season permit
  • Muzzleloading gun season permit
  • Management area permit

Hunting License Costs in Florida

The cost of a hunting license in Florida depends upon whether you live in the state or not. Residents enjoy an extremely low rate while non-resident hunters must pay a premium. The price of a hunting license in Florida is:

Type of LicenseCost
Annual Resident$17.00
Five-Year Resident$79.00
Annual Non-Resident$151.50
Ten-Day Non-Resident$46.50

What Happens if I Get Caught Hunting Without a License?

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) takes protecting the state's wildlife seriously. If you are caught hunting or taking any species without a license you will face the consequences including:

  1. Fines and the cost of purchasing a license.
  2. Loss of your hunting privileges.
  3. Confiscation of your hunting license, guns, and ammunition.
  4. Criminal charges may also be filed against you.

How to Get a Florida Hunting License On Your Own

In order to get your Florida Hunting License, you can visit the FWC website and follow the instructions. If you prefer, you can visit a tax collector's office, retailer, bait shop, or other location authorized to sell Florida hunting and fishing licenses.

What You Can Do If You’re Having Trouble Getting a Florida Hunting License

Not really keen on dealing with people in-person? Worried you'll make a mistake ordering online or that your information won't be secure? DoNotPay takes all your worries away. In no time at all, your hunting license will be ready for you.

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to get your hunting license:

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  3. Provide your contact information, a copy of your government-issued ID, and pay the fee required by the state.

And that's it! DoNotPay will get the hunting license on your behalf, which will be valid immediately. Just download the file and print it as a temporary license, while a physical copy gets processed and sent to you by mail.

Why Use DoNotPay to Get a Hunting License

Driving around town to find a location that sells hunting licenses, trying to perform an online search, filling out the paperwork, and waiting to see if you've done it right is exhausting. Get your Florida hunting license the easy way with DoNotPay:

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DoNotPay Can Help Get a Hunting License in Any State

While Florida certainly offers hunters many opportunities, it's hardly the only state with abundant game. In fact, just about every state in the country provides some form of recreational hunting opportunities. Whether you're traveling or relocating, DoNotPay can help you get a hunting license in any state, for any season.

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