The Fastest Way to Get a Louisiana Hunting License Online

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Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Louisiana Hunting License

When staying indoors becomes dull and monotonous, venturing into the wild to try your luck with hunting games can be the refreshing outing you need to keep the wheels turning. However, if we all decide that this is fate, it can be devastating to the wildlife. This is why you need first to purchase a before you legally go hunting in this great state.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries (LDWF) issues hunting licenses (and fishing licenses) to ensure that there is no overhunting and wildlife sustainability. While you can visit the offices physically to buy a hunting license, you can easily get your Louisiana hunting license online using within minutes, hustle-free.

Louisiana Hunting License Requirements

Basically, hunters over the age of 16 years, both residents and non-residents, require a LA hunting license or permit, including various stamps for particular games, before they can be allowed to hunt. Failure to buy a hunting license can lead to heavy fines, upwards of thousands of dollars, not to mention risking jail time.

Other requirements include:

  • You must have your identification documents such as a driver's license, SSN, ID Card.
  • Carry an LA hunting license (or license number) while hunting.
  • If you were born after Sep 1, 1969, you can't go hunting without supervision unless you have taken and completed the Hunter Education course approved by LDWF.
  • Residents of the state of LA, born before Jun 1, 1940, don't need a hunting license, but they do need a Senior Hunting/Fishing license.
  • Under 16 years old can hunt without a license but under supervision. But are eligible to buy a LA lifetime hunting license.
  • To hunt areas managed by LDWF, you'll need to purchase a WMA hunting license.

Note: a resident is someone who has lived in Louisiana for over six months and can prove that by having a Louisiana driver's license, birth certificate, or any other identification documents issued in Louisiana.

Hunting in Louisiana

Hunting of some animals like migratory birds and deer is seasonal. Some of the popular seasons in Louisiana to hunt include:

  • Duck hunting: November to January
  • Deer hunting: October to January
  • Alligator hunting: August to October
  • Pheasant hunting: October to April

East and Central Louisiana have vast land where duck hunting is famous, while the forests also provide a perfect hiding place for deer. Duck is such a big thing in LA, home to the Duck Capital of America in Gueydan, where the annual Gueydan Duck Festival is held the weekend preceding Labor Day.

Other areas include the Mississippi Flyway, a migratory route for birds like waterfowl.

Types of Louisiana Hunting Licenses

The state offers a variety of licenses, with the general category being a resident or a non-resident permit. Additionally, there are special for people with disabilities, military personnel, full-time students in accredited physical campuses in LA, and lifetime licenses for residents and non-residents.

Those who wish to hunt the migratory waterfowl must buy a Louisiana duck license and acquire the Federal duck stamp in addition to the 16+ years threshold and proof of participation in the HIP (Harvest Information Program).

How Much for a Louisiana Hunting License?

Usually, residents in Louisiana pay way less than non-residents for a hunting license. The table below summarizes various types alongside the resident and non-resident fee for an annual hunting license in Louisiana.

LA Hunting License TypeResident FeeNon-resident fee
Basic hunting$15$150
Big Game$14$150
Bow $10.50$26
Primitive Firearm$10.50$26
Duck (Waterfowl)$5.50$25
Federal Duck Stamp$27.22$27.22
Wild Turkey$5.50$20.50
HIP CertificationFreeFree
WMA Hunting Permit$15$15
Senior hunting/fishing license$5N/A
Louisiana Sportsman's Paradise$100N/A

Residents can buy a Louisiana Sportsman's Paradise license for $100, covering basic, big game, primitive firearm, duck stamp, turkey stamp, and WMA permit.

Non-residents can choose to purchase licenses valid for a short period as follows.

Small game(1 day)$29
Deer(1 day)$36
Turkey(1 day)$36
Hunting preserve(Oct 1 – Apr 30)$15

If you're born in Louisiana but relocated, you can buy any of the licenses below valid for five days.

LA Native Basic Hunting$15
LA Native Bow$10.50
LA Native Primitive Firearm$10.50
LA Native Turkey$5.50
LA Native Duck$5.50

Louisiana Lifetime License Fees

The LA lifetime hunting licenses include basic, big game, primitive firearm, bow, duck, turkey, and a WMA permit and can only be acquired from the LDWF office in Baton Rouge.

Resident senior combo$50
Non-resident hunt/fish$3000
Non-resident native disabled veteran combo$300
Hunt/fish (0-4 years)$200
Hunting (5-13 years)$200
Hunt/fish (5-13 years)$300
Hunting (14+ years)$300
Lifetime hunt/fish (14 + years)$500

If you misplace or lose your license, you can only purchase a duplicate for $2.

How to Get a Louisiana Hunting License By Yourself

Undoubtedly, you have a variety of options you can leverage on your own to purchase a hunting license in LA, including:

  1. Physically visit the LDWF office at 2000 Quail Drive in Baton Rouge, LA, or any other approved license retailer and buy your license.
  2. Apply online via the LDWF website by creating a new account or searching your existing account if you have ever used the service before.
  3. You can only apply via phone, email, or mail for lifetime licenses.
  • Call 225-765-2887.
  • Email your application and accompanying documents to, and you'll later be contacted to pay via credit card.
  • Mail the documents together with the equivalent license fee in a check, money order, or cashier's check to the LDWF address.

Using a trusted third-party solution, like DoNotPay, removes the necessity to have money orders/checks and significantly removes the time-spent and stress associated with the above three methods.

The Easier Way to Get a Louisiana Hunting License Online Using DoNotPay

Acquiring your Louisiana hunting license should not be a complicated process. That's why we have developed an easy, fast, and convenient method for you through our Hunting License product.

Here's how you can use DoNotPay to get your hunting license in three easy steps:

  1. Search "hunting license" on DoNotPay and select the state you would like a hunting license for.

  2. Indicate whether you are a resident or non-resident, and choose the type of license you want. For example, an annual or one-time pass, big game or small game license, bear tag, etc.

  3. Provide your contact information, a copy of your government-issued ID, and pay the fee required by the state.

And that's it! DoNotPay will get the hunting license on your behalf, which will be valid immediately. Just download the file and print it as a temporary license, while a physical copy gets processed and sent to you by mail.

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