What Is the Best Email Spam Blocker?

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How Can an Email Spam Blocker Help You Filter Your Inbox Messages Better?

Spam mails seldom provide you with useful information and are sent to advertise products that don’t interest you. Many are malicious and are used to scam you out of your money or personal information.

If you have an email account, some amount of spam mail will inevitably end up in your inbox. If you want to limit the number of spam messages you receive, you need to take measures to block these emails. Spam blockers can help you achieve this fairly easily. Still, if you want to not only block the spam, but also earn some cash along the way, you should opt for DoNotPay.

Manually Creating a Spam Email Filter Isn’t Easy

If you want to filter your email accounts on your own, you’ll find that it is a challenging and time-consuming task. Native email applications like Gmail, iCloud Mail, Outlook, and others don’t offer effective long-term solutions for filtering your inbox.

Using an email spam blocker app provides better results. These applications are designed to filter out unnecessary mail that would otherwise clutter up your inbox.

Receive Spam-free Email with the Help of DoNotPay

One of the many features of DoNotPay is the ability to block spam email senders. After you open the app in your , it takes only minutes to block potential spam email senders. The spam collector option creates a simple and straightforward way to filter your emails.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Start the app and go to the Spam Collector tab
  2. Enter the email address that you wish to block
  3. Once you receive a phishing or spam email, forward it to spam@donotpay.com

It’s as simple as that. You will be unsubscribed from further emails from this sender. If you keep receiving spam and phishing emails from a similar source, you can sue the sender in small claims. DoNotPay simplifies this process as well.

How Email Spam Protection Software Cleans Up Your Inbox

Email spam blockers use different methods to identify and remove irrelevant pieces of mail. Some use the content of the email to recognize suspicious messages, while others will pay attention to the sender and their credibility.

The most common methods that spam protection software uses to recognize and block spam emails are:

  1. Content Filters
  2. Blacklists
  3. Message profiling

Content filters

Anti-spam software can analyze the content within an email and determine whether or not it is credible. If the subject line and body contain specific terms, the software will auto-flag the email as suspicious.

Some terms that trigger the software include:

  • Free Cash
  • Buy Direct
  • Cures
  • 100% Free

One in five spam emails is caught using content analysis and filtered out of a user’s inbox.


ISPs have blacklists of IPs that commonly send malicious emails to their users. Cross-checking a particular sender with the blacklist is a simple process that helps remove their emails from circulation.

Senders will then change their IP or distribute emails from different locations to fool the system. This limits the effectiveness of blacklists.

Message profiling

Filters can detect telltale signs that an email may be fraudulent. Bugs and invalid message identification can signal that an email might be spam.

If the email has a high number of traits that are associated with spam mail, it is automatically discarded.

Suing in Small Claims

Spam emails can be harmful, which is why you should take revenge by suing. Taking legal action against senders of unsolicited email is a convoluted process.

To begin the process, you have to:

  1. Contact the county clerk
  2. Fill out a complaint form
  3. Send a statement of claim document to the sender
  4. Wait until the defendant files an answer

By the time you get a response, you might not be particularly invested in the claim anymore. Should the defendant decline to pay you, the process drags on. With DoNotPay’s help, the legal procedure becomes a lot more manageable. The service provides you with information on what kind of paperwork you require and what you need to do during the hearing.

An Email Spam Service with a Whitelist Lets You Choose Your Contacts

Relying on a blacklist doesn’t produce ideal results, as spammers will continuously create new email addresses to use. Reporting emails won’t always put them on a blacklist. It’s why some email applications and filters allow you to create a whitelist of contacts. Only these contacts will be able to send emails directly to your inbox. There are some downsides to using whitelists.

The filter used

The benefits

The downsides


  • Straightforward
  • Requires little input
  • Requires a list of suspicious senders
  • Not effective 80% of the time


  • Efficient filtering
  • Few spam mails
  • Some legitimate emails are filtered
  • It can be challenging to keep track of useful contacts

All things considered, it’s advisable to use an automatic whitelist. Much like a blacklist, this filter cross-references the sender with a database. If they have no record of spam or phishing emails, the message will pass through to the inbox.

Your ISP Can Provide You With a Spam Filter for Email

Before an email can even reach you, it has to go through your ISP. This is why many ISPs like AT&T and Cox Cable utilize spam email filters. This helps their user base deal with a massive influx of spam emails. Suspicious messages are tagged and stopped from reaching a user’s email app. These emails are then logged and investigated later by the ISP.

The Anti-Spam software used by ISPs isn’t perfect. A large number of fraudulent emails still get through these filters and reach the users’ inboxes. This is why email spam blocking software can come in handy. It can stop spam emails that get through these filters.

Changing Your Email Address Can Help

If spam mail consistently finds its way into your inbox, you can always change your email address. While lots of junk and spam mail will still end up in your inbox after a while, you’ll have a clean start.

The issue with this is that you would have to notify all of your current contacts of the new address. Maintaining website subscriptions and business contacts might be difficult in this case. This would also affect any website or job opportunity that would only be able to contact you by mail. Use it only as a last resort.

Joining a Class-Action Lawsuit is Quick and Convenient with DoNotPay

Fox details how DoNotPay makes it easier to fight companies by suing them in small claims court

Spam emails are more than just a nuisance. Reporting spam emails helps ISPs find fraudulent senders, but it doesn’t take care of the underlying problem. These fraudulent emails exist to scam users for their information or money. If you keep receiving unsolicited emails, you can take legal action.

After you’ve blocked a message with DoNotPay’s email spam service, you will be notified of any pending class-action lawsuits. You can choose to participate in the suit and wait for compensation once it is resolved.

Other Issues DoNotPay Can Help You with

Taking care of spam mail is just one of the many features that DoNotPay offers its users. You can take care of a variety of problems that range from traffic tickets to flight cancellation refunds. You can get the app on your .

Here are some of the other features DoNotPay provides:

Finding the time to deal with these kinds of issues can be difficult. DoNotPay can streamline the process or even take care of it without needing your input or assistance.

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