Does Menards Offer Price Match?

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Does Menards Price Match?

Menards–a popular hardware store with locations in more than 13 states–got its start in 1958. With a slogan like, "Save BIG money at Menards!" it has to be competitive in terms of prices. Are you wondering, "?"

DoNotPay has some helpful details about the store and all it offers in terms of price matching and coupon policies.

Does Menards Follow a Price-Matching Policy?

Yes! Menards follows a . However, it isn't as simple as the store matching any price from other companies that customers show. You must have a coupon to present. Said coupon cannot be for double or triple the price off what it would be at Menards.

Price Match?Yes
Time-frame:Before the coupon's expiration date
Price Matches:Any competitor store
Exclusions:Does not honor percentages off entire orders or double and triple value
Where to redeem:In-store at the customer service desk or at the checkout line

Menards' Sale Price Adjustment Policy

Menards also maintains a sale price adjustment policy. This is not for other competitor store sales but related to its own sale prices. If you purchased an item, and then see it has now gone on sale, you can receive a refund for the extra amount you paid.

In order to receive this, you must show one of two things:

  1. An original cash register receipt
  2. A receipt from a Return Receipt Kiosk

Does Any Purchase Qualify for This Policy?

No, not just any purchase will qualify. You must have made your purchase within 14 days from the start of the sale. It also has to be present in the store's sale flyer.

What About the 11% Sales?

Menards sometimes offers an 11% off sale. You can receive an adjustment up to this amount as long as you made your purchase within the last 14 days before the sale began. There are some exclusions, though. The adjustment is not intended for:

  • Gift cards
  • Event tickets
  • Items already purchased with a coupon
  • Propane
  • Returns
  • A Minute Key
  • Rental items
  • Packaging charges
  • Delivery and handling charges

How Is My Refund Issued?

Your refund gets added to a Menards Merchandise Credit Check. You can use it for future purchases. You will not receive cash or a refund to your debit or credit card. Only a Menards Merchandise Credit Check is available.

How Do I Redeem My Price Adjustment?

You can redeem an average price adjustment directly at your local Menards. You need to handle it before the sale ends. When you're trying to redeem an 11% price adjustment, however, you will need to turn in a price adjustment rebate form.

  1. Pick up a copy of the form at your local Menards.
  2. Fill out the details it requests.
  3. Attach your original receipt.
  4. Mail the form and receipt to the PO box listed on the form.

You have three weeks after the sale ends to get your form turned in if you hope to qualify for the rebate in question.

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Can DoNotPay Help Me Learn About Other Stores and Their Price Match Policies?

Absolutely! DoNotPay offers information for any store, not just Menards. You can find out about the price matching policies for:

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