How to Take Advantage of Lowe's Price Match

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Save Money Easily With Lowe's Price Match Policies

Most retailers try to entice their customers with sales and promotions. Some also promise to adjust their prices if people find a good deal elsewhere. Price adjustments draw cost-conscious shoppers in.

Price matching, also known as low price guarantees, is a policy that some retail stores apply. It implies that if a competitor has a cheaper amount on a product you want, the company will offer the same rate. Lowe's is an American company that sells hardware, home improvement, and appliances.

offers very competitively low price guarantees. Do you want to find out if their price will match other retailers? Read on and learn how to take advantage of Lowe's price match policy with DoNotPay.

Does Lowe's Price Match?

Yes, a similar product in stock and when there's a lower cost from a competitor. The company's price match policy is solid and straightforward. Show the necessary proof to their staff, and immediately after they validate it, you'll get a price match.

Price Match?Yes
Time-frame:Within 30 days of purchase
Price Matches:Amazon, Home Depot, Costco, Sam's club, Menards, Walmart, + more
Exclusions:Refurbished products, clearance items, installation labor, discontinued products, used or damaged items, advertising/misprints/pricing errors + more
Where to redeem:In-store or online

Which Online Retailers Can Lowe’s Price Match?

Lowe's price matches with some retailers, local hardware stores, and online stores. Below are some of the online retailers that Lowe's price matches:


Lowe’s Price Adjustment/Price Guarantee Policy Details

If you discover that the price of an item you bought in the last 30 days is now lowered, you can request a price adjustment at Lowe’s. The company's price adjustment policy isn't different from its price promise, meaning that it can adjust the price of items to match competitors' lower prices to offer shoppers the best deals.

Your item can qualify for a price adjustment if you already purchased it either online or in a Lowe's store. For example, after a week of buying an item from Lowe's for $20, you see a similar item priced at $15 in a competitor's store, you can get a price adjustment from Lowe's, and they will refund the $5 difference.

Can I Get a Refund if Lowe’s Price Drops?

Lowe's also offers price adjustments for its products. For example, after a week of buying an item from Lowe's for $10, you later discover that the price has been reduced to $7, the company will give you a refund of $3.

Can I Get a Price Adjustment for Every Item on Lowe’s?

No, Lowe's has some exclusions to their price adjustment policy. The following are not eligible for the offer:

  • Free items
  • Clearance items
  • Service pricing
  • Bundled items
  • Financing or credit offers
  • Out-of-stock items

There are also other restrictions:

  • Lowe's doesn't offer a price adjustment associated with other offers, including military coupons, senior discounts, or employees.
  • You can't get a price adjustment on any item with unverifiable prices or pricing errors.
  • If your purchase duration is over 30-days, you can't get a price adjustment.

How to Request Lowe’s Price Adjustment/Price Guarantee?

Requesting a price adjustment at Lowe's is the same as getting a price match, and that means you can get a price adjustment online or in-store at Lowe's.

Requesting a Price Adjustment In-Store

Go to your nearest Lowe's store and tell them about the price adjustment. Make sure you have evidence of purchase from Lowe's, like a receipt or proof of the cheaper rate at a competitor's store.

After that, the company's cashier will verify your claim at a competitor's store. If eligible, you'll get a partial refund for the item you bought. Note that you must visit Lowe's within 30 days of purchase to qualify for a price adjustment.

Requesting a Price Adjustment Online

If you can't visit your nearest Lowe's store, contact their customer care on 1-877-465-6937 to explain your price adjustment. Likewise, you must tender a valid proof of purchase and the one from the competitor's website to get a price adjustment from the company online.

Other Ways to Save at Lowe's

Transforming your apartment into your dream home shouldn't cost you too much. Lowe's offers several ways for their customers to save spending a fortune on home improvement needs, and the company offers coupon codes, rebates, and promotions.

The following tips will help you save at Lowe's:

  1. Use competitor's coupons
  2. Do some haggling
  3. Visit a post office
  4. Shop online
  5. Buy in bulk
  6. Use Lowe's credit card
  7. Know the right time to shop
  8. Look for rebates

Alternatives to Lowe's

Lowe's is the best price-matching store because they will match competitor's promoted price and beat it by 10% if you discover a lower one.

The following stores offer a price matching policy with excellent bonuses.

  1. Home Depot
  2. Fry's
  3. Target
  4. Staples
  5. BestBuy
  6. Walmart

How to Request Lowe’s Price Match/Adjustment on Your Own?

Many retailers are adopting a price matching strategy to attract customers. That way, shoppers can save time and money. Lowe's has an excellent price matching/adjustment policy that many retailers don't.

Once you find the best price from another competitor after buying from Lowe's, they will adjust it for you. Just visit the store with the photo, ad, or print out and show it to their staff. They will validate the price on the competitor's site to initiate the price matching/adjustment.

But finding the best prices and requesting a price match can be challenging due to time constraints. DoNotPay can help you get the best deals and a price matching/adjustment for your purchased item.

How to Get the Best Deals from DoNotPay

DoNotPay can help you challenge retailers about price matching deals to enable you to save both your time and money.

Give us consent to challenge your retailer to offer you their advertised deals. Our product is designed to hold retailers accountable for promising to match competitors' prices and make them match their promotional pricing. It works on all kinds of products, including flight tickets, gadgets, club memberships, appliances, clothing, hotel reservations, and more!

If you want to but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Search for Price Match on DoNotPay and select the product.

  2. Select whether you were charged more than the advertised price or if you believe you are eligible for a price match.

  3. Provide the name of the product you purchased so we can see if it qualifies for a price adjustment. If you believe your desired item is qualified for a price match, we’ll double-check for you.

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