Does Amazon Price Match?

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The Ins and Outs to Amazon’s Price Match Policy

When it is time to shop, most consumers want to find the best deals possible. Sometimes a store's promotional price is not even the lowest price around, because another store offers a better deal. Price matching is a method that many brick-and-mortar and online retailers use to instill confidence and encourage shoppers to continue shopping with them. As the leading online retailer in the country, Amazon is known for its wide selection of goods and services, but? DoNotPay is here to answer your questions about price matching and saving money as you shop for the best deals available.

Does Amazon Price Match?

No, unfortunately, Amazon does not offer price matching. There is no indication that Amazon will offer price matching in the future because they claim to constantly compare their prices to their competitors' prices. They strive to always make sure their prices are as low, or lower, than all of their relevant competitors, so they do not offer any type of price matching guarantee.

Other Ways to Save Money at Amazon

As an alternative to since it is not available, there are other ways to save money when shopping with them.

Lightning Deals

Lightning Deals are promotional prices where a specific number of discounts are offered on a specific item for a short period of time. Search for the daily deals, or watch for Prime Day, but act fast, because the deals are limited.

Promotional Codes

A promotional code is like a digital coupon code that you put into your account when checking out. Sometimes you may receive a code for digital products if you extend your shipping date, or you may receive a promotional code through a third-party vendor. Keep an eye out for codes to save money.

Amazon Prime

If you shop frequently on Amazon, your Amazon Prime subscription may save you money in the long run. For one, the free/upgraded delivery options that are part of the subscription may save you money compared to shipping fees at other online retailers. Depending on your location, you may even be able to receive same-day delivery, which can save you time and gas money. Other perks of Amazon prime include, but are not limited to:

  • Prime Video: streaming of popular movies and TV shows as well as Amazon originals (otherwise you must rent/purchase)
  • Prime Music: access to 2 million songs (that do not have to be purchased)
  • Prime Reading: access to thousands of eBooks, magazines, and audiobooks
  • Amazon First Reads: Early access to editors' picks of new releases, as a free Kindle book - one more month
  • Audible Narrations: free or discounted audiobooks that can be listened to independently, or read in conjunction with the digital version

Amazon also offers discounts in a few other ways.


Alternatives to Amazon That Offer Price Matching

One of the most effective ways to secure the best prices is to know which stores offer price-match policies. Not all stores price match, but taking advantage of price matching allows you to shop at your preferred store when possible, and alerts retailers that you are an informed consumer, which may encourage them to continue offering competitive pricing.

DoNotPay offers price match policy guides for several stores, including, but not limited to:

Finding the Best Prices and Coupons With DoNotPay

Although not every store offers price matching, DoNotPay can still help you find the best deals at all of your favorite retailers.

  1. Deals and Coupons: DoNotPay's service helps you find relevant promotional codes and coupons. You'll save time and energy because you no longer have to scour the internet for legitimate active coupons - we do the work for you.
  2. Find the Best Deals: You tell us what item you want to purchase, and DoNotPay will find the three lowest prices that we find. You can make an informed decision and find the best deals with our help.

How to Obtain a Price Match on Your Own

It can be a little time-consuming to do price comparisons and secure price matches, but it is not impossible to do it on your own.

  1. Visit your favorite retailer (in-store, or online) and find the product you wish to purchase.
  2. Read through, and understand the retailer's price match guarantee policy. Verify that your purchase meets all requirements. This can be a little tedious, but it's the best way to guarantee that you get your price match.
  3. Submit your price match claim through one of the store's approved methods. This may be in-store at customer service, online, or even over the phone. Make sure you follow their process exactly so they cannot try to deny your request.

Obtain Your Price Match Easily With DoNotPay

Sometimes it can be frustrating to get price matches, but DoNotPay can help. If you are having trouble securing your price match, or simply don't know where to begin, DoNotPay has you covered.

If you want to find the best prices but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps:

  1. Search for Price Match on DoNotPay and select the product.
  2. Select whether you were charged more than the advertised price or if you believe you are eligible for a price match.
  3. Provide the name of the product you purchased so we can see if it qualifies for a price adjustment. If you believe your desired item is qualified for a price match, we’ll double-check for you.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do For You?

DoNotPay not only helps you save money while shopping but can also help you with other problems, including:

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