How to Save Big With Walmart's Price Match

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4 Easy Steps to Claim Your Walmart Price Match

There's probably no worse feeling than buying a product only to realize that you could've gotten it at a lower price. You would think that shopping at Walmart helps you save more, but that isn't always the case. Come to the , allowing customers to get a fair price for products from the giant retail hypermarket.

Many stores price match, but most have some pretty tough restrictions on their price matching processes. This post discusses Walmart's price match policy, how to claim your price match, and how DoNotPay can help.

Does Walmart Price Match?

Yes! Walmart price matches its online prices in 2022, allowing customers to get fair pricing for their purchases, provided they are the same color, brand, and quantity. Additionally, there are other price matching criteria that you must meet for the price match to be approved.

Follow the guide below to check if you qualify for a Walmart price match:

Price Match?Yes
Time-frame:Within seven days of purchase
Price Matches:Amazon, Kohl's, Academy, and more
Exclusions:Clearance items, auction prices, third-party sellers, discounted items, and more
Where to redeem:Online or at any Walmart store

Walmart's Price Match Policy Details

The retail hypermarket has two price match policies that you must qualify for your price match to be approved. These price matching policies include:

  1. Price Matching on

You can ask for a price match for items bought on the official Walmart website, provided the product is identical down to the color, size, and quantity. All aspects of the product must be similar and in stock on both the Walmart website and the online retailer where you are price matching.

NOTE: Walmart allows customers to price match only one item per day, and the product must be in stock. The Walmart online store will also only price match for the following online stores:

  • Academy Sports + Outdoors
  • Amazon
  • Autozone
  • Babies R Us
  • Bass Pro
  • Bed, Bath, and Beyond
  • Best Buy
  • Cabelas
  • Chewy
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Dollar General
  • Family Dollar
  • Home Depot
  • JC Penny
  • KMart
  • Kohl’s
  • Lowes
  • Michaels
  • New Egg
  • Office Depot
  • Oreilly Auto
  • Pep Boys
  • PetCo
  • PetSmart
  • Sears
  • Staples
  • Walgreens
  • Target will not price match products with decreased prices after buying them in the online store. You also won't qualify for a price match for the following instances:

  • Bundled offers
  • Clearance items
  • Closeout deals
  • Percentage off sales
  • Discounts only applied at checkout
  • Membership deals
  • In-store prices
  • Refurbished items
  1. In-Store Price Matching

The retail store will only price match products from prices. Again, the item you're comparing your product to must be in stock on the Walmart website for you to get a lower price. It must also be verifiable by an official Walmart associate.

The Walmart store will also not price match your product in the following instances:

  • Dollar-off sales
  • Bundle pricing
  • Walmart marketplace prices
  • Competitor prices
  • Percentage off sales
  • Buy one get one free sale
  • Rebates or coupons

How to Request Walmart's Price Match

By now, you know the criteria Walmart uses to qualify its product price match. If you think you are eligible for a price match, simply follow these processes to get your price match claim approved:

  1. Purchased from a Competitor Online

Follow these processes if you want to price match an item you purchased from an online competitor's website:

  • Contact a Walmart customer care team before placing your order on the Walmart online store to check if the item you're about to purchase is eligible for a price match.
  • The customer care agent will notify you if the product is eligible to be price matched or not.
  1. In-Store Price Match to Online Prices

The item purchased from the competitor's platform and the price matched solely depends on the store manager's decision. The Walmart store manager's decision on whether the item can be price matched or not will be final.

  1. Walmart Store Prices

If you find Walmart's in-store price is lower than the item's price on the Walmart online store, you can:

  • Ask the Walmart store associate if the product is eligible for price matching.
  • Scroll down to the in-store price matching policy and the process for more details and product price matching eligibility.

Claim Your Walmart Price Match With the Help of DoNotPay

While not all stores price match, the few that do can make the process quite strenuous and time-consuming. Besides Walmart, other big-name companies such as Nordstrom try to make the process smooth and efficient. But some customers still find it tedious and not worth the time.

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If you want to try DoNotPay to find the best Walmart prices, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Search for Price Match on DoNotPay and select the product.
  2. Select whether you were charged more than the advertised price or if you believe you are eligible for a price match.
  3. Provide the name of the product you purchased to see if it qualifies for a price adjustment. If you believe your desired item is qualified for a price match, we'll double-check for you.

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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