How to Get Free Defense Travel System Rental Car Upgrades

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How to Get Free Defense Travel System Rental Car Upgrades

Did you know that most rental car companies offer promotional deals on many of the vehicles in their fleet day on an in and day out basis? This includes those vehicles that are covered under the Defense Travel System or DTS, making government travel more affordable. In addition, the is a fantastic way to make that travel more enjoyable and productive once your boots hit the ground in whichever locale you find yourself in. DoNotPay can help you to locate, identify, and secure promotional offers and upgrades on rental cars for free through the DTS. Now, thanks to DoNotPay, you can easily have the changes made to include an additional passenger, get a bigger car, or even a smaller and faster car. Whatever rental car upgrade would make your trip easier can be negotiated with ease thanks to DoNotPay.

What Can a Rental Car Upgrade Do for You and Your Trip?

Any travel you embark upon, regardless of whether it is for business or pleasure, has the potential of containing joy or disaster. Standing in line for an hour, a broken down or dirty car or a car you and your teammates have to squish into can all contribute to having a less than stellar trip that can spill over into your interactions during the trip itself. DoNotPay can help ensure you receive the rental car upgrades that contribute to a positive and productive trip for you and your team. The benefits of the aforementioned upgrade include, but are not limited to:

A Good-Sized CarHaving a car that properly fits your needs and those of anyone traveling with you can make any trip easier.
Gas Is IncludedNot having to fill up the car at the end of your trip may seem like a small thing until you are in a hurry to get to the airport and don't have time to top off the tank.
A More Exclusive Car/BrandThere is nothing like the roar of a new Ford Mustang and the anticipation of a great drive that you just don't get from the five-year-old Toyota Corolla. Having a performance or luxury car can elevate your trip from something you endure to something you enjoy.

Upgrades to your rental car are an easy way to take your trip to the next level. There is nothing like having a fun car, that you enjoy driving, to help you be in a good frame of mind, which in turn helps your positivity and productivity and ensures your trip is a success.

What if You Didn’t Ask For an Upgrade When Booking Your Reservation?

Most rental car companies require you to request an upgrade upon booking your reservation. This ensures that they have the proper amount, and type, of cars for their customers on any given day and time. If you should choose to change your reservation and upgrade after the initial booking the following results may occur:

  • Inventory issues - You may request a different car, such as a bigger or more luxurious car, and it may not be available.
  • Higher cost for an upgrade - You may find that requests for upgrades after the initial booking may be more expensive.
  • You may be turned down - Reasons ranging from inventory to policy may prevent you from requesting an upgrade after the initial booking is made.

Not to worry, however, DoNotPay can help you to still receive an upgrade on your rental car even after your initial booking is made.

What Can DoNotPay Do to Help You Get an Upgrade Without Paying the Price?

At DoNotPay, we fully understand that you probably don't have the time or energy to locate your reservation information, wait on hold, and try to negotiate with the rental car company. That's where DoNotPay comes in to help.

How to get a free upgrade on your reservation using DoNotPay:

If you want to get a free upgrade on your reservation but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 4 easy steps:

  1. Choose which rental company you booked with.

  2. Enter your reservation confirmation number.

  3. Tell us the details of your reservation, such as the pick-up date, pick-up location, car model, etc.*

  4. Indicate whether you are a rewards member or special credit card holder.

DoNotPay has an extensive list that contains all the discounts and upgrades available from all the major rental car companies including:

  1. Avis
  2. Costco
  3. Enterprise
  4. National
  5. Alamo
  6. Dollar
  7. Thrifty

In addition, DoNotPay has a multitude of negotiation experiences that can help ensure that you get the best upgrade you can get on the rental car of your dreams. There are just a few things DoNotPay needs to get started on negotiating your upgrade. All you have to do is input a little information including:

  • Which rental car company are you booked with?
  • Your rental car reservation number
  • Reservation details such as date, time, pick-up location, car model
  • Notate if you are a rewards member or special cards member

Once all that information is in place, DoNotPay will proceed with finding you the best upgrades for your rental car to help you have the best trip possible. DoNotPay will call the rental company for you and request a free upgrade on your reservation. Their master negotiation techniques will help ensure you get the best possible upgrade. The upgrade will most likely be applied when you actually arrive at the pickup location for your rental car. If you should choose to go back to the original car, that too is always an option.

DoNotPay rental car upgrade service is the perfect service to help you receive the best upgrade on your rental car reservation possible. Check out DoNotPay today for more information on how we can help you find and lock in the best and ensure you have the best possible trip you can imagine.

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