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Rental Car Upgrades

All About National Car Rental's "One Two Free" Promotion

One part of travel that most people overlook until the last minute is a rental car. If you haven't traveled recently, you may not know that rental car companies are experiencing car shortages. This makes it more difficult to rent a car, and increases the daily rate of even super economy cars. There are . . .
Rental Car Upgrades

Easy Trick to Upgrade a Costco Car Rental for Free

Most rental companies have a pleasant, surprising discount-free upgrade for existing car rentals. However, this is rarely announced to customers. You can upgrade a Costco car rental for a more luxurious or bigger option. However, it is a long process where success is not guaranteed. Fortunately, you . . .
Rental Car Upgrades

Smart Hack That'll Get You Free Additional Driver for Car Rental

Long drives can be tiring and daunting, especially when driving all by yourself. The best way to maximize your driving experience is to add a driver. Unfortunately, adding a driver to your car rental contract normally attracts additional fees that could make your journey a costly undertaking. Luckily, . . .
Rental Car Upgrades

The Easiest Way to Get a Rental Car Upgrade for Free

If you’re taking a trip out of town, whether on vacation or for business, you might have to utilize a rental car. One way to add a touch of luxury to your travels without spending a small fortune on your rental car experience is to get a rental car upgrade for free. A rental car upgrade can get you . . .
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⭐ 10 Tricks That'll Help You Score Free National Rental Car Upgrades

As a general rule of thumb, more is better. This is typically true when it comes to rental cars. If you've already booked a reservation, chances are you would like a model upgrade. . . .
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