How to Get Rid of Craigslist Spam Emails

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How to Put a Stop to Craigslist Spam Emails Once and for All

Craigslist is a popular online advertisement website. Through the company’s classified ads, people search for jobs, housing, services, and more. Craigslist is no stranger to spamming users with emails, though. If you too have a misfortune to be bombarded with Craigslist spam emails, here’s how you can put a stop on them once and for all.

Craigslist Spam Email

Unsolicited commercial emails, more commonly known as spam, are best when they are only annoying. You can unsubscribe from emails, learn how to stop receiving emails, and even block spam emails on your Android.

Unfortunately, many Craigslist users deal with spams and scams, so if you find yourself among them, know that you’re not alone.

How to Know if a Craigslist Email Is Spam

The first step in fighting spam is always to learn as much as you can about them. Reporting email abuse, before you fall victim to spam, is only possible if you can differentiate the bogus message from a legitimate one.

When it comes to Craigslist, many signs scream spam. Some of the most common indicators of junk mail are:

  • The sender is not a local one
  • The offer doesn’t seem to fit the price
  • A wire payment needs to be made through services like Western Union
  • Partial payments are fine by the sender
  • The sender claims he/she already shipped the goods
  • There is some third party involvement
  • You are being offered a cashier’s check
  • An email address contains

These are only some of the most common telltale signs the Craigslist email you received is fake. Poor language use and personal information required at once are other common indicators of fraudulent spam.

How to Stop Craigslist Spam Emails on Your Own

Craigslist has a thorough system when it comes to dealing with junk mail. If you want to stop spam on your own, you have a couple of options:

  • Reporting the issue through a Craigslist form
  • Flagging the abusive posts
  • Sending the potentially dangerous spam to Craigslist

The Craigslist Online Form

One way in which Craigslist helps its users with junk mail that is intended to harm the recipient is by offering an online form you can complete. If you opt for this choice, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Craigslist Help page
  2. Locate the Abuse section
  3. Find the link that leads you to complete the online form
  4. Click on the Scams, Spams, Flagging option
  5. Choose the type of issue that best describes your situation
  6. Click on the Contact Us option
  7. Provide the details the form requires
  8. Confirm by clicking Send Message

This option is strictly reserved for users who want to report spam to Craigslist.

How to Flag Abusive Content on Craigslist

In contrast to the previous option, flagging is reserved for users who may wish only to avoid spam instead of reporting it to Craigslist. You can flag posts that you feel are violating the Craigslist Terms of Use. You can also flag a Craigslist email spam by:

  1. Opening the email message you believe is spam
  2. Scrolling down to the bottom of the email
  3. Clicking on the Flag option

Depending on the email service you’re using, these steps may vary. For example, in Gmail, you can find the option to flag or report spam in the three dots in the upper right corner.

When you flag a Craigslist email as spam or scam, the company representatives are notified, and the sender shouldn’t be able to reach you again.

Send the Spam Email Directly to Craigslist

The third option you have to fight spam is to send the contents of a bogus message to the company itself. Take the following steps to do so:

  1. Go to the Craigslist help page
  2. Find the Contact Us option
  3. Complete the online form
  4. Include the link in the spam email with the header
  5. Send the message to Craigslist

As you see, the process is quite similar to reporting spam through the online form. Choose this option if you wish the company to investigate the spam message you received in more detail. That is what you accomplish by forwarding them the dangerous link.

Stop Craigslist Spam Emails With the Help of DoNotPay

A straightforward way to deal with any kind of Craigslist spam is to report them through DoNotPay. The advantages are that the process is quick and easy, and you have a chance to be compensated. Plus, you get a perfect spam email revenge.

All you need to do is follow these short steps:

  1. Go to your DoNotPay account using any
  2. Choose the Spam Collector option
  3. Provide your email address
  4. Forward the Craigslist spam email to

And that’s it! The process couldn’t be simpler. If there is a class action against the sender, you’ll be notified, so that you can become a class member and become eligible for compensation.

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Junk Emails Craigslist Reply

It seems that when you reply to a spammy message on Craigslist, you get more and more in its stead. The first and foremost rule with avoiding spam is to ignore the message completely, and then report it or flag it as spam.

We can provide several pieces of advice to avoid falling into the spammer’s trap:

  • Ignore anyone whom you can’t meet in person for a transaction
  • Beware of unclear questions or inquires into your product
  • Don’t show your real email address in Craigslist postings
  • Watch out for deals that seem too good to be true
  • Avoid communication that leans on being too personal
  • Don’t respond to escrow service offers
  • Know that Craigslist voice messages are not a thing; anyone asking you to check one is a scammer

Combat Physical Junk Mail With DoNotPay

Spam mail doesn’t arrive at your electronic address only. Unfortunately, scammers can send you phishing spam through postal mail too. The good news is that DoNotMail — a neat new feature of DoNotPay — helps you deal with physical junk mail. All you need to do, once you’re logged onto DoNotPay, is to send the picture of the content you got to

You’ll be unsubscribed from the sender automatically, and there is also a chance to get compensated if there is a class action against the sender.

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