Can't Withdraw From Binance.US? Here's How to Fix It Quickly

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What to Do If You Can't Withdraw From

If you actively engage in cryptocurrency exchange, you are well aware of the necessity to have immediate access to your account and funds. When your account is locked or frozen or otherwise inaccessible, you are unfortunately missing out on profits when you cannot trade. Other problems, such as being unable to withdraw funds, can also be very problematic.

If you and need assistance getting access to your funds, DoNotPay can help.

What is Binance.US?

Registered in 2017, Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. It is often considered the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform with regard to the volume of daily trading. Binance.US is the US version of Binance and supports over 50 cryptocurrencies. However, Binance.US is not available in all 50 states.

Binance.US often stakes a claim on various lists of the top cryptocurrency exchange platforms. It is often noted for being one of the best for crypto exchanges, low fees, and fast trade times. Some of the other perks frequently mentioned are that they offer options for individuals and institutions, staking rewards, recurring buys, stablecoins, and other account perks.

Why Can't I Withdraw from Binance.US?

The automated system for Binance may lock the ability to withdraw funds from your account for a variety of reasons. If you are trying to figure out why you , here are a few common scenarios that may trigger the locking of an account:

  • There is a withdrawal lock on new ACH and debit deposits
  • You have a negative account balance
  • Your identity has not yet been fully verified
  • You have violated the terms of use and committed a policy violation, such as:
  • you provided false information
  • you used the platform unlawfully
  • you have facilitated a virus
  • You have recently made account changes

What Can You Do To Regain Access To Your Funds?

Here is what you can do, depending on the specific scenario:

  • New ACH or Debit Deposits - You must wait through the duration of the ten-day withdrawal lock period in order to access your funds
  • Negative Account Balance - You will need to settle any outstanding balance with a new deposit in order to regain access to your funds
  • Identity Verification - You will need to use the support form to contact Binance.US to determine what additional documents they need
  • Recent Account Changes - Wait 48 hours to be reinstated.

What Should I Do if Binance Unfairly Froze My Account?

If you are not able to trade from your account, your Binance funds are locked, or you believe your account has been unfairly frozen, you may need to reach out to customer support.

Binance Customer Support Number(929) 228-3440
Binance Support Email
Binance Mailing AddressBinance 23 Lime Tree Bay Ave George Town, George Town Cayman Islands
Binance Support Form

What's The Easiest Way to Unfreeze My Binance.US Funds?

If your Binance.US account has been frozen and you are losing profits or you are not able to withdraw your funds, it can be highly frustrating. In addition, contacting customer support can often be time-consuming if you have to wait on hold, play phone tag, or wait for them to email you back for days. Instead of wasting precious time and hoping your effort is successful, DoNotPay has a better solution.

DoNotPay is the simplest way to legally demand access to your Binance account and your funds by automatically sending them a demand letter.

All you have to do is:

  1. Search "Crypto" on DoNotPay.

  2. Select the crypto exchange platform you use.

  3. Tell us when this problem started and estimate the losses you incurred from your inability to make trades/cash out.

More Crypto Funds Assistance from DoNotPay

We recognize that you may use other cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms for the best possible results. We also know that it is possible that any company can be prone to issues. If that is the case, DoNotPay can help!

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do to Help You?

Not only is DoNotPay able to help you gain the access you deserve to your crypto accounts to trade or withdraw funds, but we can also help you resolve a variety of other problems. From solving other common issues with Binance or another crypto exchange, to handling login or account problems, or any other customer service complaint that is causing you problems, DoNotPay has you covered.

DoNotPay is here to help you save money, stress, and time with fast and straightforward solutions to any problem.

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