Cancel UFC Gym Memberships the Easy Way

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Not Worth the Sweat? Cancel UFC Gym Memberships With DoNotPay!

UFC Gym is a chain of fitness clubs inspired by Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). The name of the company stands for the Ultimate Fighting Championship since it is owned by that MMA promotion company.

This gym chain advertises itself as a place offering the training programs and benefits of MMA athletes to everybody. They have more than 150 locations around the world.

How To Cancel UFC Gym Memberships With DoNotPay

If you found a new gym closer to your home or got stuck with a gym membership on the spur of the moment, DoNotPay can make those recurring charges disappear momentarily. Our cancellation method offers speed and efficacy without compromising your convenience.

You won’t have to leave your home or deal with customer support. DoNotPay will get you out of that unused subscription in three easy steps:

  1. Set up your DoNotPay account in a of your choice
  2. Select the Find Hidden Money option from the homepage
  3. Type in UFC Gym to finish the cancellation

When our AI bots do their job, you will receive a notification that you’re no longer a member of the UFC Gym.

If you connect your email address or bank account to your DoNotPay profile, monitoring and canceling all of the subscriptions you could do without will become even easier. This feature will help you identify hidden charges for subscriptions and memberships you forgot about.

Alternative Ways To Cancel UFC Gym Memberships

Other methods to get rid of your UFC Gym membership won’t be as fast or convenient. You can find the list of alternative options in this table:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No

In Person


Company WebsiteNo

Cancel UFC Gym Using Mail

If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can cancel your membership by mailing the cancellation request to the fitness club where you signed up. The process usually involves these steps:

  1. Write a letter requesting a membership cancellation and include relevant information like your account number, contact details, date, and signature
  2. Use the Find Your Gym tool on UFC Gym’s website to check the address of your fitness club
  3. Send the cancellation request using certified mail for additional security

Cancel UFC Gym in Person

It’s a common rule that gym memberships can be canceled in person. That is the case with UFC Gym as well. You will need to bring a written cancellation request at least 21 days in advance and leave it with a person at the front desk.

They will inform you whether you qualify for a refund or if there are any outstanding charges to your account.

Not Sure About Canceling Your UFC Gym Membership? Freeze It Instead!

UFC Gym allows its members to freeze their memberships in situations that can be medical or non-medical.

If you cannot use the membership due to your health condition, you can pause your membership from one to six months. You will need to:

  • Present a written note by your doctor
  • Fill out the Membership Freeze Form and return it to the general manager of your fitness club

In the case of non-medical membership freezes, you will have to submit the same UFC Gym form, but you need to do it at least 14 days before the next billing cycle. Your contract will be extended accordingly, and UFC Gym will keep charging you $15 per month during the freeze period.

Can I Get a Refund After Canceling My UFC Gym Membership?

Those who change their minds about the membership within five business days from signing the contract are allowed to cancel without penalties. UFC Gym gives pro-rata refunds if they fail to provide advertised facilities or services when opening a new location.

Other situations where UFC Gym gives back any prepaid membership money include:

  • Death or disability
  • Relocating more than 25 miles from any UFC Gym location

For more information on your financial obligations to UFC Gym at the moment of cancellation, consult your contract or talk to a salesperson on site.

Most Common Bank Statement UFC Gym Codes

To help you avoid any unwanted or duplicate charges, look for these examples of common bank statement codes used by UFC Gym:

CLR*UFCGym TNCLR*UFCGym 817-893CLR*UFCGym3055495150
CLR*UFCGYM 331-90CLR*UFCGym 657-2154700 FLCLR*UFCGYM 757-448 757-448395
CLR UFCGym 808 8254880 HCLR*UFCGym IL515-9539462CLR*UFCGym
CLR*UFCGym 516-7844072 NYCLR*UFCGYM 808-672265CLR*UFCGym 864-214
CLR*UFCGym CA657-2154700CLR*UFCGym 916-288CLR*UFCGYM 757-918 757-918922

How To Use DoNotPay To Handle Other Administrative Chores

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