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Need a Rest From All Those Charges? Cancel Restomods With DoNotPay!

If you fell in love with classic muscle cars, updated where it counts, and ran into, you might have gotten yourself into their VIP membership club. While the membership cost is less than ten dollars per month, with possible, one-time purchase upgrades, you may be asking yourself whether that money could go somewhere better instead.

How To Cancel Restomods VIP Memberships Using DoNotPay

When you decide that the Restomods VIP membership is not worth your hard-earned money, DoNotPay will jump in and help you cancel that monthly charge in the blink of an eye. Many people let minor recurring charges slide because they don’t want to bother with researching cancellation methods and policies or deal with customer support.

Our platform enables you to cancel any subscription or membership that you no longer need while avoiding sifting through boring terms and conditions or talking to annoying support agents. The whole process takes three steps and less than three minutes:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in any
  2. Click on Find Hidden Money from the homepage
  3. Type in Restomods to help us identify which subscription you want to cancel

You can focus on other tasks on your to-do list for that day, and when your cancellation request goes through, we will send you a notification.

How Else Can I Cancel Restomods?

If you don’t mind interacting with customer service representatives or taking more time to familiarize yourself with the Restomods website, you can try one of these cancellation methods:

Can You Cancel WithYes/No
In PersonNo
Company WebsiteYes
Restomods Facebook PageYes

Cancel Restomods Using Email

One of the ways to unsubscribe from the Restomods VIP car club is to send them an email to To speed up the process, you can include all relevant details that a customer support agent may need, such as your membership number and contact details.

You can also ask for a confirmation email when your membership gets canceled and a refund, if applicable. The agent might try to persuade you to keep your membership, listing all the benefits, so be prepared to exchange several messages before they finalize your cancellation.

Cancel Restomods Over the Phone

Calling Restomods’ customer support should also do the trick. After preparing the details needed to find your membership in their system, you can dial (833) 229-0657.

Getting a hold of the first available agent can take some time, so prepare yourself to wait or use DoNotPay to cut the waiting time.

The customer support center is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT.

Cancel Restomods on the Website

A good alternative to phone and email is canceling the membership from your account. You can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Restomods account
  2. Use the menu to locate Settings
  3. Click on the Cancel button below Membership Status

You can cancel the VIP membership at any time since you’re under a contract.

Cancel Restomods on Facebook

Restomods accept cancellation requests submitted through Facebook as well. You can try this method:

  1. Open the Restomods Facebook page
  2. Click on Message
  3. Type in your cancellation request and send it

Can I Get a Refund for My Restomods VIP Membership?

Restomods have a generous refund policy. While the description on their website leaves out the specifics, the company encourages any customers who believe they qualify for getting their membership money back to contact Restomods’ customer support.

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Anything Else We Can Cancel for You?

If you can’t name all the subscriptions you’re currently paying for, there’s a chance you’re pouring money down the drain on services you don’t even use. Combing through your bank statement is time-consuming, but DoNotPay can do it in your stead.

When you connect your email address or bank account to our platform, we will scan all your recurring charges and help you identify those you could do without. Not happy with your current car insurance policy by Esurance, USAA, or Geico? Need to get rid of those car wash memberships like Zips, Mister, or Clean Freak? Cancel them with DoNotPay fuss-free!

DoNotPay Does More Than Canceling Subscriptions

Our platform offers more convenient features that will help you whenever you’re overloaded with paperwork or fighting administration.

DoNotPay’s vast portfolio, available in any , contains solutions like:

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