How to Cancel RCN Subscription

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Cancel RCN Internet or Service Plans in Just a Few Minutes

There are lots of reasons you might want to cancel RCN’s services. Prices increase from time to time, and they have lots of affordable competitors wherever they operate. If you’ve signed up for the free trial and forgotten about it, you might still be getting bills from RCN.

RCN will try their best to keep you as a paying customer, even if you’re adamant that you want to cancel. There are different ways to approach the situation and avoid wasting your time with endless phone calls.

Cancel RCN With DoNotPay’s Help

Users have reported that they find it tiresome to cancel RCN through phone calls and website forms. These methods don’t always work and you have to try multiple times. Instead of calling the company multiple times, take care of the issue with DoNotPay.

Here’s how you can cancel RCN without wasting time:

  1. Sign up for DoNotPay in your
  2. Go to Find Hidden Money
  3. Type in the name of the service

You will be notified once your RCN subscription has been canceled.

Another way to do this would be to connect your bank account to the app. DoNotPay can take a look at your active subscriptions and let you choose which one to cancel.

How to Cancel Your Service by Contacting RCN

RCN doesn’t offer you many ways to cancel. As of right now, calling by phone and filling out a form on the website are your only options. Here’s how you can cancel via phone call:

  1. Call 800-RING-RCN (800-746-4726)
  2. Ask them to cancel the service
  3. Ask to confirm the cancelation

If you don’t have the time to argue with a representative, use DoNotPay’s service instead.

Ways you can cancel the service


Sending an email

Calling via phone


Sending a letter

Canceling with DoNotPay


Problems You Might Run Into When Canceling Your RCN Service

Specific problems can come up when trying to cancel:

  1. They might not answer the phone when you call, or you might wait too long
  2. The representative answering the phone will try to convince you against canceling
  3. You might be told that you have canceled the service, but you remain subscribed

Handling Slow or Non-Responsive Customer Support

If you aren’t getting any answers when you call the RCN Retention Department, consider contacting a third party to cancel for you. DoNotPay can quickly resolve this with our customer service feature.

Arguing With the Representative Regarding Cancelation

RCN’s representative will be persistent and try to offer you a better deal to prevent you from canceling. If you don’t have the time to argue with a representative, use DoNotPay’s service instead.

Making Sure the Service Is Canceled

When talking to the representative, confirm that your cancelation request has succeeded. You might have to call again to see if the cancelation date is correct.

Can You Get a Prorated Refund When Canceling With RCN?

RCN will offer you a prorated refund for any access time that remains on your account after canceling. A refund won’t be given if your account is terminated for violating the subscriber agreement’s terms.

Is It Possible to Cancel Your Subscription?

It’s not possible to put your RCN subscription on standby at this moment.

What Are Some Alternatives to RCN?

If you want to cancel your RCN subscription, there’s no shortage of competitors to offer you service.





  • 100 MBPS $35/month
  • Gigabit Lite500 MBPS $45/month
  • Gigabit Pro 1000 MBPS $55/month
  • No cost for installation or setup
  • Symmetrical internet speed
  • Month-to-month service with no contract


  • Fiber—940Mbps $49.99/month
  • 10Mbps $49.99/month
  • 100Mbps $49.99/month
  • High speeds
  • Reliable connections
  • Unlimited data plans

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