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Turning a New Page—When It’s Time to Cancel Subscription is an e-commerce company that sells magazine subscriptions. It’s possible to customize a subscription depending on which issues you want to read. The website offers subscriptions for around 7,000 magazines.

How to Cancel Subscription? allows you to cancel your subscription at any time. There are multiple ways for you to cancel on your own. You can:

  • Call the service and request a cancelation
  • Send an email to cancel your account
  • Fill out a form on the website
  • Use DoNotPay to get rid of your subscription quickly

How You Can Cancel via Phone Call

If you want to cancel your order or subscription via phone, you should:

  1. Call 800-624-2946
  2. Request that your subscription is canceled’s customer service hours are 8 am to 7 pm CT, Monday through Friday.

How You Can Cancel Using Email

You can also cancel your subscription by sending an email to Here’s how you do it:

  1. Write down your contact information
  2. Request that your account is canceled
  3. Send the email to

How You Can Cancel Using the Website

Cancel through the website by either changing your account settings or filling out a form through the Customer Care page. To change settings, you should:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the Settings page
  3. Remove the auto-renewal status for magazines

These are the most easily-accessible ways to cancel your subscription.

Can You Cancel With



Phone call








Does Offer Prorated Refunds Upon Cancelation?

The website allows prorated refunds under certain conditions. If you request a cancelation within the first 90 days of service, will refund any issues that weren’t sent from that point until the 90 days are up.

Cancel Subscription With DoNotPay

You can avoid the hassle of manually canceling subscriptions by using DoNotPay’s app. It’s the simplest and most straightforward way to stop unwanted subscriptions from draining your bank account. To make use of the app’s feature, you have to:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Go to the Find Hidden Money tab
  3. Type in the name of the subscription or membership you want to cancel

DoNotPay will promptly unsubscribe you from the service. You will get a notification once the cancelation is finalized.

Find an Alternative to

After unsubscribing from, you might want to consider a few alternatives. Different magazine subscriptions might have better deals or more interesting catalogs for you to read. Here are a few that might pique your interest.





  • Multiple deals, depending on the magazine bundle.
  • Prices range from up to $10 to over $50
  • Three-payment billing option—no credit card required
  • Price match guaranteed
  • Subscription bundles offer free shipping


  • Depends on the magazine bundle you choose
  • Wide range of magazines
  • Affordable bundles are common

Let DoNotPay Handle Your Unused Subscriptions

With so many subscription services out there, it’s easy to lose track of the ones you’re paying for. The average American will spend over $300 on unused subscriptions every single year.

Instead of letting this money go to waste, let DoNotPay handle your subscriptions. Our app drastically simplifies canceling unwanted subscriptions. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Connect DoNotPay to your email or bank account
  2. Take a look at the listed services and figure out which ones you want to cancel
  3. Cancel them using DoNotPay

You no longer have to worry about subscriptions charging you every month for services you don’t actually use.

DoNotPay Can Help You With a Variety of Daily Tasks

Canceling unwanted subscriptions is just one of the many features that DoNotPay offers to its users. If you’re sick of email harassment, our app can help you stop it. We can even help you report harassment in general. Whether you want to lower cable bills or contact Instagram to make a complaint, DoNotPay has your back. You can start enjoying these benefits after opening the app in your .

Here are some of the tasks we can help you take care of:

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