How To Cancel JFF Publications Subscription

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Wondering How To Cancel JFF Publications? Here Are Some Pointers

JFF Publications is a series of white-label blogs and magazines that create content for businesses. The company cooperates with writers all around the globe and features content in over 65 languages. Businesses that sign up for the content subscription are seldom satisfied with the results.

Worse yet, canceling the service is hardly a breeze. There are a few channels that you can use to contact JFF Publications. DoNotPay can handle the issue and cancel the subscription for you.

How To Cancel JFF Publications on Your Own

Canceling a JFF Publications subscription is more difficult than it might seem at first glance. Their website offers little in terms of contact information or cancellation instructions. The only method of communication you can use to cancel is their phone line.

Can I Cancel With

Yes / No




In Person






Cancel JFF Publications via Phone Call

Unsubscribe from the service by:

  1. Dialing 917-719-587
  2. Demanding to speak to a representative
  3. Asking them to cancel your subscription

Issues You Might Run Into When Canceling JFF Publications

It’s easy to see how you could run into problems when trying to cancel JFF Publications. Their phone line is the only way you can contact them, but users still find it difficult to get a hold of the customer support team. If you’re left on hold or the company doesn’t answer, you should use DoNotPay to speed up the cancellation process.

Cancel JFF Publications Using DoNotPay’s App

If you’re stuck with a subscription and aren’t sure how to cancel it, DoNotPay can swoop in and resolve the issue. Our app makes canceling services like JFF Publications a cakewalk. You hardly have to lift a finger to get rid of an unwanted service. Here’s how it works:

  1. Start by opening DoNotPay in your
  2. Sign in
  3. Go to the Find Hidden Money tab
  4. Type in JFF Publications

DoNotPay will then cancel the subscription. You’ll see a notification in the app once the cancellation is finalized.

What Are Some Alternatives to JFF Publications?

The service that JFF Publications offers is anything but unique. Countless businesses require alluring content for their marketing strategies, and the market is filled to the brim with options. Some companies offer similar content subscriptions that could come in handy to small and medium-sized businesses. Here are a few examples worth considering:




Crystal Media

Custom Content Subscription—$247 per month

  • Includes video-based training
  • Provides ongoing social media education


IZEAx Discovery—$149 per month

IZEAx Unity—Custom pricing

  • Has a database of more than 630K influencers for content amplification
  • Offers comprehensive marketing campaign management tools and content verification

Why Stress Over Unpaid Subscriptions? DoNotPay Will Solve the Problem

It’s hard to overstate just how important subscriptions are nowadays. We pay for our gyms, libraries, movie tickets, internet, and many other products and services in monthly installments. While the system might be convenient, it also allows a lot of paid memberships to slip under the radar. One study has shown that the average American will spend around $350 every year on subscriptions they don’t use.

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