Cancel Intermountain Gas Membership

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The Easiest Way to Cancel Intermountain Gas

Intermountain Gas is a company that distributes natural gas to more than 350,000 Idaho residents. In 2008, Intermountain Gas was acquired by MDU Resources.

How to Cancel Intermountain Gas in a Matter of Minutes With DoNotPay

Canceling public utility services can be a challenge for many people. That’s why DoNotPay is there to help you. You’ll be able to cancel your Intermountain Gas services fast and with minimal effort as long as you follow these steps:

  1. Access your DoNotPay account from a
  2. Click on the “Find Hidden Money” option
  3. Type in “Intermountain Gas”

Your trusty AI Consumer Champion will cancel your service and notify you once it’s canceled.

DoNotPay Can Free You From All the Unused Memberships

Another time-efficient option that DoNotPay offers is canceling multiple unused memberships at once, in just a few minutes.

Your only job is to connect your bank account or email address with your DoNotPay account, and we will scan all of your subscriptions. Once we determine which ones you don’t use, we will present them to you so that you can decide which subscriptions we can cancel.

DoNotPay can help you cancel even the most popular services and subscriptions such as:

Cancel Intermountain Gas the Complicated Way

Can You Cancel With

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Company website


How to Cancel Intermountain Gas via Email

You can contact the customer service by sending an email to and ask them to cancel your membership.

Don’t forget to include your personal info and to request a confirmation email once they cancel your service.

How to Cancel Intermountain Gas Over the Phone

If you prefer canceling Intermountain Gas services by contacting customer support over the phone, you can do it like this:

  1. Dial 800-548-3679
  2. Tell the customer support representative that you want to cancel your membership
  3. Make sure to provide your personal info
  4. Explain why you want to cancel
  5. Request a confirmation email and save it

DoNotPay can navigate the phone tree and hold the line for you so that you don’t have to lose too much time when getting in touch with customer service reps. We will notify you as soon as one of the representatives picks up a phone to talk to you.

How to Cancel Intermountain Gas on the Website

You can also cancel by completing the contact form once you log in to your account on the Intermountain Gas website.

Does Intermountain Gas Prorate Cancelations?

The company doesn’t have an explicit refund policy. If you think that you deserve a refund, you can call their customer support specialists and talk it over with them.

Will My Intermountain Gas Free Trial Auto-Renew Into a Paid Service?

Intermountain Gas doesn’t offer a free trial period.

What Are the Best Intermountain Gas Alternatives

If you aren’t happy with Intermountain Gas services, check out the most popular alternative:





$49.88/64 therms per month (an average)

  • Clean energy
  • Economical solution

Can I Pause Intermountain Gas Services Instead of Canceling?

It’s not possible to pause Intermountain Gas services. The only option is to cancel and then sign up again.

Suing Intermountain Gas Is Hassle-Free Thanks to DoNotPay

Do you think that the Intermountain Gas company didn’t meet the deal and has wronged you? You can send demand letters to the firm in small claims court with DoNotPay.

Once we ask you a few questions regarding the reason why you want to send demand letters to Intermountain Gas and the compensation you hope to receive, we will determine whether or not your claim qualifies for small claims court.

If it does, we will help you write a good demand letter. If the company refuses to settle outside the court, you can send demand letters to them.

DoNotPay will help you fill out the necessary forms, and tell you which documentation you need. You will have to file the complaint by yourself.

We will help you write your court statement and give you the instructions for every outcome. Then, the only task left for you to do is show up in the court and read our instructions.

Here’s What Else DoNotPay Can Help You With

Canceling Intermountain Gas services with DoNotPay is an efficient and effortless experience, but that is not the only issue we can help you solve.

After you log in to your DoNotPay account from a you’ll be able to rely on our assistance in:

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