How to Cancel Your GQ Subscription in a Flash

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Cancel Your Gentlemen's Quarterly Magazine Subscription

Here's a fun—and slightly scary—fact: Americans spend an average of $273 per month on subscriptions. That's up from $237 in 2018, a 15% increase. Granted, everybody stays home to binge on Netflix and HBO a lot more, but are you reading all those magazines you subscribed to for a free tote bag or pair of socks? Thought not. That's why DoNotPay is here to show you how to and others that you probably forgot you have.

There's no question that it's a lot of money (this is for one person), but let's consider what counts as a subscription

  1. Mobile phone service
  2. Home WiFi
  3. Streaming TV services
  4. eBooks
  5. Apps and games
  6. Regular deliveries and services—pet supplies, medication, even toilet paper

When you break it all down and consider that your WiFi and mobile service are practically utilities, it's not so bad. Even so, why would you want stuff you don't use cluttering your house, not to mention your inbox.

GQ is Glossy and Offers Fashion Tips For Men

If you really haven't signed in to your GQ online or read the hard copy (GQ doesn't offer only digital subscriptions), you might be surprised that it's not all dandified fellows in ridiculous runway outfits. The magazine has moved into the territory that Playboy used to own back in the day, with surprisingly in-depth articles about current events, wellness, and culture—along with grooming and wardrobe tips. And, GQ isn't just for men. A 2020 study in the UK found that slightly more women than men read the magazine, so make sure everybody's onboard before you .

Should You Cancel Your GQ Subscription?

First, do you even remember subscribing? It's so easy to one-click for this sort of thing that you're excused if you don't. When you subscribed to GQ, you paid around:

  1. $12-$13 for the first year
  2. $22-$24 for a two-year deal

It automatically renews after 12 months, for $24.99 per month. That's not a terrible deal for a magazine that publishes 10 times a year, considering the price at the airport is $6.99.

It's not like a GQ subscription is going to break the bank. But, if you're not reading it, why not just cancel the subscription? You can probably pick up a copy at the gym or a hotel lobby anyway.

How to Cancel Your GQ Subscription on Your Own

GQ does send reminder notices for renewal, although those are easy to lose in the shuffle of everyday life. If you provide payment info, which is most likely, they have your card number, Amazon Pay, or Paypal account and will debit the $24.99.

If you're old school, or have had the subscription forever and pay by check, they send invoices through the mail. If you don't return the invoice, they'll eventually stop sending you the magazine.

You can cancel your GQ subscription online through the Customer Portal. One thing GQ mentions on their website is when you do cancel the subscription is that it can take several days for the cancellation to reach the business office, so you might get invoices after you've gotten a cancellation confirmation. You may disregard this.

If you need further assistance in canceling your GQ subscription or you have other inquiries, you can connect with GQ through the following channels:
Phone Number(800) 289-9330

What Do GQ Subscription Charges Look Like On My Statement?

You'll need to know when your subscription ends to be sure you cancel it before you're billed again. If you have deleted the renewal emails and tossed the invoices, you can find your renewal date on the magazine label. You might need some help translating, but probably not.

  1. Expiration date is on the label above your name
  2. It's formatted like this: April 2022 shows up as APR22
  3. Double issues (July/August and December/January) are coded as JUL/AUG22 or DEC/JAN23

Why DoNotPay Should Manage This for You

DoNotPay has an entire subscription management service that keeps track of all your subscriptions, from the must-haves like your WiFi and HBO, to the "What Was I Thinking?" apps and services. Check your bank or Paypal statements to see exactly what you've subscribed to, and how much it costs you every month.

Here's all you need to do to get the ball rolling:

  1. Log-in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

After you submit the details, we’ll work on canceling your subscription! We’ll even try to get a refund on your behalf. Once your cancellation is confirmed, we'll let you know. We'll even try to get you a refund from Conde Nast (GQ's publisher).

DoNotPay can also help you cancel services or subscriptions with various companies, including:

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