How to Cancel Verizon Fios Before Your Next Bill

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How to Cancel Verizon Fios Before Your Next Bill

Verizon was one of the first U.S. companies to roll out fiber optic service to homes. Fios broadband was introduced in 2004, followed by television in 2005. Today, Fios offers bundled internet, TV and telephone service in eight states and Washington D.C.

The company offers a few different ways to cancel Fios, but the process can be a pain, despite what Verizon might tell you. Chances are you will have to speak with a customer service agent at some point, rather than completing the process 100% online.

If you deal with Verizon directly, it’s important to know when to cancel so you’re not billed for an extra, unused month. You’ll need to be firm about your decision to cancel and the specific date service should stop. Or, if you’re looking for a faster solution that won’t leave you frustrated, a service like DoNotPay can handle the cancellation on your behalf.

How Do I Cancel My Verizon Fios Service?

Many people start the cancellation process by calling Verizon customer service at 1-844-837-2262. Agents are available to take calls from Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. ET. If you’re going to call, gather a few key pieces of information first:

  • Account info — Find your account number by logging in online or referring to a paper bill. Verify which equipment is rented and will need to be returned.
  • Last day of your billing cycle — You’ll want the service to end prior to this date to avoid being billed for an additional month. Even one day into the new billing cycle, you’ll pay for the whole month without any prorated credit.
  • Disconnection date — It’s wise to give yourself a buffer, scheduling the service to end a few days or even a week before the billing cycle ends.

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Your second option is communicating with customer service through online chat. While there’s no way straightforward way to go into your account and cancel in a few clicks, you might be able to avoid a phone call by following these steps:

  1. Sign into your My Verizon account.
  2. Choose ‘Chat with us’ — the snowflake icon online or in the app.
  3. Type ‘Cancel’ into the question box.
  4. Follow the prompts to disconnect service or chat with an agent.

Depending on where you live, canceling in person at a Verizon store is possible. You’ll need to find a Verizon-owned store that sells Fios, rather than strictly wireless. Go here to search for Fios stores near you, including stores that accept equipment returns (although many do not).

Rather not deal with any of the above? DoNotPay can handle the cancellation for you. Just log in to our app in any and follow three simple steps.

Can You Cancel Fios Via?Yes/No
OnlineThrough chat only
In PersonIn some cases

Is There a Cancellation Fee for Verizon Fios?

If you’re under contract, Verizon may charge an early-termination fee. The maximum charge is $350, and that amount decreases by $15 for each month of service. So if you sign a two-year contract and cancel after six months, the fee will be $260. After 12 months, you’d be down to $170. After 18 months, there’s $80 left to pay.

If you’re moving but still under contract, it may be more cost effective to transfer your Verizon service to the new home, provided that Fios is available in that area. Then, when the contract is ending, you can shop around for better rates from competitors.

How Do I Return Fios Equipment?

Any rented or Verizon-owned equipment will have to be returned within 30 days of disconnection to avoid being charged. This includes set-top boxes, gateways, routers, and extenders. See the full list and charges for non-return here.

Equipment should only be returned after cancellation has been confirmed and you have a disconnect order number. Return options include:

  • Mail it yourself — Log in to your account, print a prepaid return label, box the equipment up and send it out.
  • UPS Store dropoff — Take the unboxed equipment to any UPS Store, where the equipment will be scanned, boxed and returned for you.
  • Verizon store — If there’s a corporate store nearby that accepts equipment returns, bring the unboxed equipment there.

No matter how you return the equipment, always get tracking information and/or a return receipt. In case the equipment is lost, you’ll want to be able to prove you returned it to avoid what could add up to hundreds of dollars in fees.

Is It Hard to Cancel Verizon Fios? Customer Problems and Complaints

You’ve likely had a bad experience in the past trying to cancel one service or another, whether that means waiting on hold for hours or being talked out of cancellation altogether. Verizon, like most big companies, has its fair share of complaints along those lines.

However, there are some gripes about Verizon’s cancellation process that tend to come up over and over. Watch for these issues in particular:

For these reasons, always take detailed notes about your phone interactions, and never end the call without getting a confirmation number and/or confirmation email for your records.

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