Cancel Your FFXIV Subscription Effortlessly

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How DoNotPay Can Help You Easily Cancel an FFXIV Subscription

Online gaming lets you reset after a long day of work. After a while, though, you want to pursue other things. If you've subscribed, and want to end the automatic payments, you can to avoid those extra charges. The process, however, can get a little confusing.

DoNotPay can help you end your membership plan and save money from all those automatic payments you would ultimately get charged. How does this work? Let's take a look.

What Is FFXIV and What Does It Have To Offer?

FFXIV stands for Final Fantasy 14. It's a multiplayer role-playing gaming platform that allows you to play with other gamers from all over the world. The online setup has tons of pre-made characters and the ability to customize your own. You can play with your friends on the FFXIV servers or you can meet new people and play along with them. The first thing you need to do to play is to purchase the game itself, so you can run it on their servers. You will need one of the following platforms to run it on:

  • Playstation 5
  • Playstation 4
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Steam

However, to take advantage of the online gameplay, on an ongoing basis, you will need to pay for a subscription plan to unlock all the features that membership allows. This can be done in one of two ways. The first is where you can purchase game time cards that will add minutes to your account, and the other is to get continuous play by paying every month until you decide to cancel your account.

Entry ModeIf you're new to the game and are unsure if you want to commit to one of the more advanced plans, the entry mode will help you get your feet wet. This plan allows you to play for 30 days for $12.99 after the initial 30-day free trial. It allows you to get a feel for the game and check out all the accessible features to see if you like it or not.
Standard EditionFor those who want continuous gameplay, Final Fantasy 14 offers a few different subscription plans. You can choose:
  1. A 30-day plan for $14.99
  2. A 90-day plan for $13.99 a month for three months
  3. A 180-day plan for $12.99 a month for six months

How to Cancel an FFXIV Subscription

If you feel you've done all you wanted to do with your Final Fantasy 14 game, and you no longer want to get charged for the subscription, you can cancel it. You will need to go to your Square Enix Account Management System and log into it. Once you're in, you will need to navigate to the Play Online Service Accounts.

From there, find what subscription you want to end and click the option that says to cancel. Be sure to finish the process. It should take you to another screen to confirm your decision. Once you've successfully canceled, you'll want to check to be sure your account subscription says that it's to be canceled on the date your current plan ends. If it doesn't say that, you might need to go through to end it once again.

However, while it sounds pretty easy to do, it can get quite confusing. If you have more than one subscription on your account, and you only want to , you need to be careful that you're choosing the right one. You could choose the wrong option that will cancel the entire account instead.

How DoNotPay Can Easily Cancel an FFXIV Subscription for You

If you find the cancellation process confusing, don't fret. Just let DoNotPay handle it for you. DoNotPay’s process is pretty simple. To use its service:

  1. Log in to DoNotPay and search for the Manage Subscriptions product.

  2. Provide the name of the subscription service you want to cancel.

  3. Provide your account details such as email address and username.

Within a few days, you should receive a confirmation email stating your FFXIV account has been canceled and will end on whatever date your current plan ends.

What Other Subscriptions Can DoNotPay Help You Cancel?

While DoNotPay makes easy, it's not the only service it can help you end. There are tons of others, but here are a few to give you an idea of what DoNotPay could help you with:

DoNotPay helps with so many other services to list here, so sign up with DoNotPay today and see which services it can help you cancel right now to save some money in the long run.

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