Cancel Consumer Cellular in a Few Steps

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Not Enough Bang for the Buck? Cancel Consumer Cellular With DoNotPay!

Consumer Cellular is a postpaid mobile virtual network operator established in 1995. They use AT&T and T-Mobile’s network capacities and provide service to almost four million customers. Consumer Cellular is known to cater to users older than 50 through a range of benefits including:

  • Special benefits for AARP members
  • Selling GrandPad, a senior-friendly tablet
  • CC Go by Lyft, ride-share service for seniors

How To Cancel Consumer Cellular Subscriptions

Consumer Cellular is a drop in the sea of available network operators in the U.S. If you found a better deal somewhere else, you can cancel your Consumer Cellular using one of the following methods:

Can you cancel with

Yes / No







In Person

Company website


Cancel Consumer Cellular Over the Phone

Getting out of your Consumer Cellular subscription is not the most convenient process. The company requires you to contact their customer support over the phone, and that usually means a lot of time spent on hold, waiting in the queue for the next available agent.

This cancellation method involves the following steps:

  1. Prepare the information that Consumer Cellular representatives might need from you (contact details, account numbers, etc.)
  2. Dial 888-345-5509 to speak to one of their support specialists
  3. Use DoNotPay to jump the queue and avoid any delays
  4. Provide your info to the agent and request a cancellation
  5. Ask for a confirmation that your subscription has been terminated successfully

Customer support is available from Monday to Friday at 5 a.m.–6 p.m. and on weekends at 6 a.m.–5 p.m. Pacific Time.

How To Cancel Consumer Cellular Service With DoNotPay

DoNotPay can help you cut to the chase when you need to contact customer support, but our app has another tool that makes unsubscribing from unwanted services even more convenient.

It's annoying enough when the service you’ve been paying for regularly doesn’t deliver on some grounds. What's even worse is when the company turns the cancellation process into rocket science. Companies try to make it difficult for you to leave so they can keep taking your money.

DoNotPay devised a cancellation method that requires only three steps and no contact of any kind with customer support:

  1. Set up your DoNotPay account in a
  2. Choose the Find Hidden Money tool
  3. Enter Consumer Cellular as the service provider you want to get rid of

This process will take only a minute or two of your time because the rest is handled by our app. You can focus on other tasks at hand and DoNotPay will notify you when the cancellation goes through.

Will I Get a Refund After I Cancel Consumer Cellular?

As per their Terms and Conditions, Consumer Cellular will prorate your monthly charges when you decide to terminate the service.

They also offer a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee if you cancel the service and return the phone in the first 30 days. In such instances, you will receive a full refund within ten business days, but be careful about your data usage since this policy will be void if you spend more than 500MB.

AARP members can enjoy this benefit for 45 days, but the data limit rule still applies.

How To Recognize Consumer Cellular Charges

Some companies can keep charging you even after you submit a cancellation request. To prevent this, check your bank statement regularly for some of the Consumer Cellular charge codes:


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With DoNotPay, you don’t have to lose a single penny. When you connect your email address or bank account to our app, we will help you control all those recurring charges by scanning your subscriptions and memberships, identifying the ones you don’t use, and canceling them whenever you decide.

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