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Cancel your Bright Cellars subscription quick and fuss-free

Bright Cellars is an online, members-only wine club that delivers a hand-picked assortment of different wines to its users every month. This virtual sommelier website currently has 16,000 wine-loving subscribers.

How to cancel Bright Cellars

If your Bright Cellars subscription no longer cuts the mustard, we will show you a few simple ways of how to cancel it:

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company website


Cancel Bright Cellars via email

Send an email to the Bright Cellars team at, letting them know that you would like to cancel your account. They should get in touch with you within 72 hours.

Cancel Bright Cellars via the phone

Give the Bright Cellars’ team a ring at 844-223-5527, and explain that you would like to end your membership.

Let DoNotPay help you cancel your Bright Cellars subscription

donotpay how to cancel any service

What if we told you there was a much quicker, smoother way to unsubscribe from Bright Cellars? DoNotPay can do the job for you! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in via your
  2. Select Find Hidden Money
  3. Type in “Bright Cellars”
  4. Wait for our confirmation email

If you prefer, you can also connect your email or bank account to our app, which then detects the services you are paying for but not using (including Bright Cellars).

What are the best alternatives to Bright Cellars?

If you like having a tailored selection of delicious wines delivered to your door, but Bright Cellars failed to meet your expectations, you should consider the following online sommeliers:





  • $79.95 for six bottles of wine + shipping
  • Asks customers to rate every wine from the delivered selection, so they can further improve the tailored suggestions
  • Works directly with wine producers to supply the wine, thus saving on costs for the end consumer

Marta Stewart Wine Club

  • $49.98 for six bottles of wine
  • Features only wines curated by Martha Stewart herself
  • Includes mostly award-winning wines from the world’s most renowned wine regions

Plonk Wine Club

  • $110 for four bottles of wine
  • Focuses on natural, biodynamic, and organic wines
  • Features “hidden gems”, including wines of lesser-known varietals and wine regions

Does Bright Cellars offer a free trial?

No, a free trial isn’t a possibility with Bright Cellars.

Will Bright Cellars let me pause my subscription instead of canceling?

While you cannot pause your subscription, Bright Cellars allows you the possibility to change the frequency of your monthly wine deliveries. Instead of a monthly ordering frequency, you can opt for a bi-monthly, quarterly, or even a custom frequency of tailored wine deliveries to your door.

Does Bright Cellars prorate their cancelations?

No. If you cancel your monthly subscription, you will no longer be receiving your monthly wine delivery.

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