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Want to cancel Birchbox? Here’s how to do it!

Birchbox is a subscription service that sends its customers personalized packages with several samples of beauty or grooming cosmetic products. Subscribers who like the samples can later purchase full-size products on the Birchbox website. The company is based in New York and currently has over one million subscribers, while the number of its active customers has surpassed 2.5 million.

Does Birchbox auto-renew trials into paid subscriptions?

Yes, Birchbox automatically starts billing you after your trial period expires. When you start your trial, you have to disclose your credit card details, and the company will use them to charge you for the following month without notifying you about it. All of your subsequent billing periods will be charged as well without further authorization on your part.

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I no longer want to receive my Birchboxes. How can I cancel?

donotpay how to cancel any service

You can cancel Birchbox in three ways:

  1. Log in to your account — find the option under the “Subscriptions” tab and follow the cancelation procedure detailed there
  2. Write to Birchbox send the company a message, and it should handle the cancelation for you.
  3. Get a Discovery Specialist on the line — visit the Birchbox website and make an appointment with one of the company reps first.

Keep in mind that you cannot cancel yearly subscriptions on your own, so the only option you have is to contact a company rep. That involves waiting in a phone queue (but we can do that for you!).

Birchbox is not particularly prompt at handling cancelation requests. You should cancel it well ahead of time to ensure you don’t end up auto-renewed while you wait for the company to act on your request.

Can you cancel with

Yes / No

Company website Yes

Can canceling Birchbox be tricky?

Yes, canceling Birchbox subscriptions can give you a headache, especially if you have a yearly subscription.

Many people complain that Birchbox reps told them to select a “non-renew” option in their account settings to stop the service from continuing for another year. Users often cannot find any cancelation buttons, so their subscriptions continue even though they went to the trouble of contacting the company and saying they weren’t interested in the renewal.

Another complaint that users have about Birchbox is that its agents don’t respond to emails. There are countless reviews about the company not replying to subscribers. This doesn’t only refer to cancelations, but also emails about credit card issues, complaints, or the customer’s product preferences.

Can DoNotPay help me avoid all the fuss of canceling my Birchbox subscription?

Yes! You can cancel your unwanted subscription service with DoNotPay within minutes! Here’s how to get rid of Birchbox:

  1. Load the DoNotPay app in any
  2. Open your app and hit Find Hidden Money
  3. Type in Birchbox when asked about the name of the service you wish to cancel
  4. Supply a valid email address

And that is it! All you have to do from that point onward is to wait for us to get back to you, which we will do in 48 hours at the latest.

Does Birchbox offer prorated refunds?

No, you cannot cancel subscriptions mid-term. You can only cancel the service you haven’t been charged for yet. That means that you won’t have to pay for the next billing period, but you will have to wait for your current monthly, three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription to end. Gifts and prepaid subscriptions are non-refundable as well.

Can I pause Birchbox deliveries?

No, you can’t pause your subscription, nor can you skip any monthly deliveries.

Can I send Birchboxes back?

No, Birchbox packages are not eligible for returns.

What are the best alternative services to Birchbox?

Birchboxes are not only difficult to cancel manually, but the service is not flexible to the customers’ needs — you cannot postpone or return unwanted packages. If you are looking for a similar service to subscribe to, these could be more suitable for you.



Ipsy Glam Bag

$12 a month

  • Customizable
  • Full-size products
  • Five items per box


$24.99 a month

  • Full-, deluxe-, and sample-size products
  • Curated
  • 7–9 skincare products a month plus a gift

What if Birchbox refuses to cancel my subscription?

If Birchbox is being difficult and unforthcoming, you can take them to small claims court with the help of DoNotPay. Rest assured that you will be in reliable hands — we hold the American Bar Association Louis M. Brown Award for Access.

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In case you have more subscriptions than you can keep track of, we can help you find them all. Open our app in your and we’ll get right on it! That way, you can choose which accounts you want to keep and which to cancel. DoNotPay will take care of the rest!

This is how Birchbox charges appear on your bank statement

If you are wondering which charges on your account were made by Birchbox, all you need to do is refer to the table below.

DEBIT CARD PURCHASE - BBX*BIRCHBOX IN xxx-xxx7272 NYBBX*BIRCHBOX INC 877-487-7272 NYBBX*BIRCHBOX INCBbx*birchbox Inc 877-4877272 Ny
BIRCHBOX (877)487-7272 NYBBX*BIRCHBOX INC 877-4877272 NYPayment to BBX*BIRCHBOX INC|877-4877272|NY
Recur Debit Card Purchase BBX*BIRCHBOX INC 8 NYDebit Card Purchase - BBX BIRCHBOX INC 877 4877272 NYBIRCHBOX - NEW YORK NEW YORK NY
VISA DDA PUR 490641 BBX BIRCHBOX INC 877 4877272 * NYBBX*BIRCHBOX IN xxx-xxx7272 NYBBX*BIRCHBOX INC 877-4877272 NY 10016 USA
BBX*BIRCHBOX INC 8774877272 NYDebit Purchase - Visa Bbx*birchbox Inc877-4877272 NyRecur Debit Card Purchase BBX BIRCHBOX INC 877 4877272 NY

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