Cancel Bank of America Privacy Assist

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How to cancel Bank of America Privacy Assist subscription

Bank of America Privacy Assist is an optional feature included in the Bank of America’s program. The main goal of Privacy Assist is to protect the private information of the clients of Bank of America.

Canceling Privacy Assist manually

There’s only one way to cancel the Privacy Assist Feature of Bank of America manually, and it’s by a phone call. In order to cancel the Bank of America Privacy Assist service by phone, you need to gather some information first so you can verify your account. The info you will need is your full name, including the middle initial, billing address, birth date, and answers to your security questions. After you have prepared all that, the following process is quite simple:

  1. Call 1-800-516-9561
  2. Ask the representative to cancel your Privacy Assist service
  3. Verify your account by answering the questions
  4. Ask for the confirmation in the form of a document

Canceling Privacy Assist with the help of DoNotPay app

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The process of cancelation is way more accessible with DoNotPay. It takes no more than two minutes and next to no effort on your part. Here’s what we need you to do:

  1. Open the app via a
  2. Select the “Find Hidden Money” option
  3. Type in "Bank of America Privacy Assist"
  4. Select "Cancel Subscription"

The application will send you a notification once it cancels your subscription. You’ll only have to wait for up to 48 hours.

Can you cancel with

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Potential problems when canceling Bank of America Privacy Assist

The provider of Privacy Assist is a completely different entity from Bank of America, so contacting Bank of America to cancel your Privacy Assist services won’t work. The Customer Service staff will also try to convince you not to cancel your services. It might be quite difficult to stand your ground without being a bit rude, so using DoNotPay can save you quite a bit of a headache.

Does Privacy Assist auto-renews free trial into a paid subscription?

Yes, and it doesn’t stop there. In 2014, Bank of America had to refund more than $720 million because of charging its clients for add-on features, including Privacy Assist.

DoNotPay’s virtual credit cards prevent auto-renew into paid subscriptions

With the help of a DoNotPay virtual credit card, you can start free trials without worrying they will automatically renew into paid subscriptions.

DoNotPay's virtual credit card generator enables you to create a new credit card number that you can use to sign up for services and verify your payment info without worrying about information abuse and theft.

Our virtual credit card creates a separate account number, hiding your real info from the sneaky companies that try to take advantage of your lack of attention. Even if you forget to cancel the free trial, the company won’t be able to charge you a dime, because it won’t be able to access your funds!

How does the Bank of America Privacy Assist look like in my statement?

If you see some of these records in your card statement, it’s the sign you’ve been charged for the Privacy Assist service.

BAC Privacy Assist 800-5169561 DEBAC Privacy Assist WILMINGTON DEPRIVACY ASSIST

The best alternatives to Privacy Assist




IdentityForce UltraSecure+Credit

$8,99/month for basic service

  • Best coverage
  • Regular updates and records
  • Two-factor authorization

LifeLock Ultimate Plus

$8,99/month for basic service

  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Supreme interface
  • Lets you initiate a credit freeze option

Is Bank of America Privacy Assist causing problems? DoNotPay can help

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