How to Cancel Your ASOS Order the Easy Way

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How to Cancel Your ASOS Order in a Snap

Do you want to cancel an ASOS order but don't know how to go about the process? Don't fret, there's always a solution for you.

ASOS is a fashion and cosmetic company that mainly sells online. Once in a while, you might find yourself in a position where you need to cancel your order. Whether it's an order you no longer need, you placed an order by accident, or you no longer need premier delivery services.

Most online stores have designed their cancellation process to be hard to maneuver. This way, customers are frustrated and discouraged to continue with the process, and the company gets to keep the money.

Even though canceling an order online can be tough, DoNotPay can help you cancel pretty much anything. You don't need to worry about anything, as DoNotPay figures it out for you.

How to Cancel ASOS Order

There are different ways to , including online and through letters. Here's a detailed procedure for the ASOS cancel order process:

Cancel ASOS Order Online

  • You can request your ASOS cancellation online via the Contact Us Now button.
  • A list of options will appear for the next steps. In the list of reasons, if you want to contact ASOS, select the Order Issues option.
  • Next, you'll select the cancel an order option to cancel your ASOS order. If you've already received your order, other options will apply to allow you to cancel your order.
  • You'll be given two choices; to sign in to your account or continue to the next steps without signing into your ASOS account. Signing into your account will make the process much easier for you and the customer service team.
  • You'll be taken through a step-by-step process that will need you to fill out your order information, such as the order number and the email you used to register your ASOS account.
  • Once you fill out the form, it will be easier for the customer service team to find your account and sort your ASOS order cancel issue.

The best way to cancel your ASOS order is by initiating a live chat or filling out the contact form. Another alternative is to sign in to your ASOS account to cancel your order.

  • Log in to your ASOS account directly. Here, you'll find a person icon on the top right, indicating a drop-down menu.
  • Click on the drop-down menu followed by the sign-in option. Once you're logged in, head to the My Orders option and click the cancel order button to cancel your order.

Cancel Your ASOS Order via a Letter

Even though you can send a letter to ASOS to request for cancellation of an order, the process is quite slow. The process is slow because ASOS stores tend to process their orders and dispatch quickly, which means it will be too late when they receive your cancellation letter.

However, you can still cancel your order after receiving it, as indicated in their terms and conditions. You'll need to return the goods within 28 days after purchase. The items should be in their original form with all the tags to allow refunds. Here's a summary of ASOS contact information:

ASOS Customer Service Live ChatLive Chat
ASOS Order Issues FAQsFAQs
Contact FormContact Us
The Return AddressASOS

Barlby Rd.

SelbyYO8 5BL

Possible Problems You Might Encounter When Canceling an ASOS Order

Canceling an order at ASOS stores can be tricky. There are several problems you might encounter in the cancellation process. For instance, the cancellation process can take longer, especially if you send a letter. Your cancellation request letter can reach them when your order has already arrived. Another problem is requesting your cancellation request when the cancellation window is over.

If your cancellation letter arrives after your order is dispatched, the best solution is to return the products within 28 days of purchase, in their original condition. Ensure that you follow all the company's returns policies for your refund to be successful.

However, when ASOS refuses to refund your ASOS cancel order money, we recommend you get help from a third-party company. DoNotPay can help you contact ASOS customer care regarding your refunds.

How to Request a Refund From ASOS on Your Own

Getting your purchases and realizing you don't need them or like them can be frustrating. However, you have a chance to get your refunds.

With ASOS retailers, your refunds go hand in hand with your returns. You have to send the purchased items to receive your refunds. Return the purchased items in their original state, with protective seals or labels.

Requesting a refund and sending back the products without any damage within 28 days after your purchase will translate to a full refund. If you encounter problems, DoNotPay can help you get your ASOS refunds.

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Let DoNotPay Help You Cancel Your ASOS Payment

Are you having problems canceling your ASOS orders? Worry no more. DoNotPay helps you cancel your ASOS orders conveniently. All you need to do is take these steps and let DoNotPay handle the rest.

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  3. Answer a few questions about whatever you need to cancel so that we can compose a cancellation letter.

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