How To Get a WordPress Refund

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Hot Off the WordPress—How To Get a WordPress Refund

WordPress is an open-source content management system written in PHP. It offers dozens of free and customizable themes that help users create websites and blogs. Additional themes and more advanced tools are available in the form of various WordPress subscriptions.

The cost of WordPress plans can add up, and if you are not satisfied with the service, you should ask for a refund. DoNotPay helps avoid the hassle of contacting WordPress and requesting a refund and helps you get your money back pronto.

What Is the WordPress Refund Policy?

The WordPress refund policy differs from product to product.

Monthly and yearly plans are considered non-refundable, as are special offer services provided by the company. You can request a refund for subscription plans under certain conditions.

Plan purchases, renewals, and upgrades can be refunded up to 30 days after the purchase date. Exceptions to this rule include:

  • Domain registrations
  • Domain renewals
  • Guided transfers

The listed services can only be refunded within 48 hours of the purchase.

Paid Quick Start sessions can be refunded within 30 days, but only if they haven’t been used. If you sign up but don’t show up for the session, WordPress will not refund it.

Can You Refund Themes on WordPress?

Yes, you can refund premium themes that you bought from the WordPress website. You have to send a request within 30 days of purchase.

If you want to refund a WordPress theme purchased from a third-party website, you’ll have to consult their refund policy.

Are Prorated Refunds Given After Canceling a Subscription?

No, you will not receive a refund for unused time in your monthly or yearly subscription. You can continue using the service until the end of the billing period, or you can use excess credit to purchase a better plan.

DoNotPay Can Request a Refund for WordPress in Minutes

DoNotPay is the most straightforward way to request a WordPress refund. Our handy AI Consumer Champion does most of the work and requires minimal input for the request. Start by opening DoNotPay in your .

To get a WordPress refund, all you have to do is:

  1. Sign in to DoNotPay
  2. Navigate to File a Chargeback and click on Get Protected
  3. Answer a few of our chatbot’s questions about your bank, the transaction, and the merchant in question
  4. Add your digital signature and confirm

DoNotPay will fax the request to your bank immediately. We will also send Visa and Mastercard policies that will help strengthen your claim. You can choose to send DoNotPay’s meticulously-crafted letter yourself if you want to go through it or make adjustments.

How To Request WordPress Refunds On Your Own

WordPress official channel for refund requests is their email address, but they also allow you to use other methods:

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No







In Person



Request WordPress Refund Online

You can request a refund for products and services using your account settings on the WordPress website. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click on your avatar in the top right corner
  3. Navigate to Manage Purchases
  4. Select the subscription you wish a refund for
  5. If it hasn’t been more than 30 days since the purchase, you can choose the Cancel Subscription and Refund
  6. Confirm

You will receive a confirmation email which includes details of the refund, with the exact amount that will be compensated.

Request WordPress Refund via Email

You can email WordPress customer support to ask for a refund. To do this, you must:

  1. Compose a refund request
  2. Include your account info to confirm your identity
  3. Send the email to

Make sure to honor the 30-day window because the refund request will not be taken into consideration if you miss the time frame.

Can I Check the Status of My Refund Request?

No, there is currently no way to monitor your refund. You will have to wait until you receive a confirmation email to be sure that your refund has been authorized. If no such email arrives, consider using DoNotPay to speed-up the process.

How Will WordPress Return the Funds?

Your refund will be credited to the same form of payment you used to purchase the subscription. If you no longer use the same credit card, the funds will be routed to your new card automatically.

Issues You Can Run Into When Requesting a WordPress Refund

The WordPress website provides little when it comes to contact information. Users find it difficult to get in touch with WordPress to request their refund. One Redditor was charged for a WordPress subscription automatically, and they didn’t even get access to the service. In these situations, there’s no guarantee that WordPress will honor your refund request.

If WordPress isn’t answering your emails or hasn’t granted you a refund, consider using DoNotPay to send demand letters to the company. Our AI Consumer Champion app can help you take WordPress to small claims court and get your money back.

The American Bar Association has recognized DoNotPay for providing assistance to consumers. The app won the Louis M. Brown Award for Access. We’ll make suing WordPress a piece of cake and provide the knowledge and resources you need to make it happen.

How Long Do I Have To Wait for a Refund From WordPress?

Once WordPress has processed your request, you should receive a refund in about seven to ten days, though it depends on your payment method. Credit card payments can take up to two billing cycles to refund.

If you purchased a WordPress subscription from overseas, you might have to wait a while for your compensation. Your bank should be able to give you a rough timeline regarding when the refund will show up on your statement.

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