4 Steps To Get Water Bill Assistance In San Diego

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4 Steps To Get Water Bill Assistance In San Diego

Utility bills can be intimidating and overwhelming. With many bills on your plate, you can find yourself struggling to clear them in time as the utility burden increases over time. According to the California Water Resources Control Board's survey, nearly 70,000 San Diego families cannot settle their water bills. Therefore, if you are looking for , you are not alone.

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Understanding Your San Diego Water Bill

Let's start by helping you understand your to ensure that you only pay for what you use. Generally, your water bill should have the following sections:

  • The account information section: Contains the service address, customer name, account number, billing period, and the bill due date. All this information should be accurate. If not, you should contact the Public Utilities Department.
  • Meter information: Shows the size of your meter, the number of days in the current billing cycle, previous and current meter readings, amount of water used daily. You can compare your last bill or read your meter to ensure that the metrics are accurate.
  • Water use information: This shows your water usage for the current year compared to the previous year and months. This helps you conserve more water.
  • Fees and charges: You'll find the water and sewer charges in this section. It shows your water and sewer base fee — how much water you used, and charged rates. It also includes your sewer charges and storm drain fee. All these are added to give you the total amount of your water and sewer bill.
  • Bill messages: You'll find the current information about the Public Utilities Department and sometimes water conservation tips in this section.
  • Detachable bill payment stub: Has information essential to the city when your bill was processed. If you pay your water bill through the mail, it is detached and sent to you with your check.

Check for Errors in Your San Diego Water Bill

Errors in your water bill can force you to pay extra funds. Therefore, you should always check your bill to identify any errors. If your San Diego, California water bill is higher than you expected, you can check for errors by

  1. Read your meter to ensure that the readings are accurate.
  2. Check for duplicate entries.
  3. Ensure the calculations are accurate
  4. You can seek professional help on what you don't understand.

Organizations That Can Help You With Your San Diego Water Bills

If you have problems with your San Diego water bill, you can get help from various organizations. The following organizations offer San Diego water bill assistance services:

How to Ask For an Extension Date for Your Water Bill in San Diego

Sometimes, your water bill might find you when you are not in a position to settle it immediately. Luckily, you can ask for an extension to a more convenient date by

Call customer careYou can contact the Public Utilities Department customer care service by calling 1-619-515-3500. Ask to talk to a representative and request for an extension. You can also get in touch with the customer care service by logging into your San Diego water portal account or app.
In-person requestVisit the San Diego Public Utilities Department offices and ask for an extension date for your water bill.
Write a letterYou can write a letter and send it to customercare@sandiego.gov. You can also mail it to PO Box, 129020, San Diego, CA 92112-902.
Use DoNotPayUsing DoNotPay is the easiest way to request an extension on your water bills. DoNotPay will generate an extension letter for your late water bill and send it to the Public Utilities Department on your behalf.

How to Ask For a Waiver on Late Fees for Your San Diego Water Bill

You might struggle to find , consequently failing to settle your San Diego water bill on time, hence attracting additional late fees. This worsens the situation by adding extra expenses to your already heavy bill. However, you can ask for a waiver on the late fees by

  • Calling customer service at 1-619-515-3500.
  • Visiting the Public Utilities Department offices.
  • Sending them a letter requesting a waiver.

DoNotPay is a much better alternative. You can let DoNotPay send a waiver letter to the Public Utilities Department offices asking for the late fees to be waived.

How to Find Water Bill Assistance in San Diego by Yourself

In San Diego, water bills are among the many strenuous payments you will have to pay. If you are a low-wage employee, you can try negotiating your water bill or find San Diego water bill assistance programs. Sometimes you are forced to apply for a loan to avoid being denied access to water services. Unfortunately, you can spend hours, money, and more resources negotiating or reaching the Public Utilities Department and still fail to reach an agreement.

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How to Get Utility Bill Assistance in San Diego Using DoNotPay

At DoNotPay, we understand how pending bills can leave you in devastation. That's why we are here to ensure that you effortlessly lower them without losing access to essential services. For whatever bills you have, DoNotPay can help reduce them. All you have to do is follow these 4 straightforward steps:

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  2. Choose whether you want us to call and negotiate your bill for you or send a bill negotiation letter on your behalf.

  3. Provide the details that will help us negotiate your bill including the company name and how much your current plan costs.

  4. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.

And you're done! The call or letter contact will be made within the next few days, and you'll then be on your way to lower bills. Leave all the work to DoNotPay. We'll fight for a lower bill for you.

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