4 Ways To Get Dominion Power Bill Pay Assistance

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4 Ways To Get Dominion Power Bill Pay Assistance

Paying for your electric bill every month can be difficult. Fortunately, Dominion power bill pay assistance is available. There are a number of ways to save on your energy bill. These can include negotiating for a lower rate, reducing your energy consumption, finding grants to assist with your bills, as well as getting short-term assistance like an extension on your payment due date.

If you're interested in negotiating for a better price on your energy bill, DoNotPay can help you do so more easily. Here's what you should know if you're having difficulty with your .

How to Ask for an Extension on Your Dominion Energy Bill

Dominion Energy has a set policy that allows eligible customers to request a short-term payment extension. If you're having trouble making your next payment, you can request an extension to any point before your next due date. To do this, call Dominion at 1-866-366-4357.

How to Ask for a Late Fee Waiver From Dominion Energy

As of February 2022, Virginia has a moratorium in place preventing utility companies from disconnecting customers because of nonpayment. During this moratorium, Dominion Energy is waiving all late fees, so you don't need to worry about receiving one. However, this policy is likely to end soon. When this happens, if you receive a late fee, your best option for having it waived is to call the company and ask. When you speak to a representative, emphasize that:

  1. Your missed payment was a one-time issue that won't happen again.
  2. You have a history of being a good customer.

If it's your first late fee, the company will likely be willing to waive it.

How to Lower Your Dominion Power Bill on Your Own

If you'd like to reduce the amount you pay for your energy bill, there are both individual actions you can take and that you can benefit from.

1. Long-Term Payment PlansIf you have a past due balance with Dominion, you may qualify to set up a long-term payment plan to make it more manageable. With a payment plan, you'll be able to split up your balance over up to 24 months of payments.
2. Budget BillingSeasonal changes in your energy usage can make budgeting difficult. If you've lived in your current address and been a Dominion customer for at least 12 months, you should be eligible for the company's Budget Billing program.

With Budget Billing, you'll pay the average of your previous 12 energy bills each month, so your payment will be the same each month. While this won't reduce your annual total, it can make your monthly budget simpler.

3. Reduce Your Energy UsageTo reduce your energy bill, reduce your electricity usage. There are some simple steps you can take to lower your bill, such as:
  • Washing your clothes in cold water
  • Adjusting your thermostat
  • Making sure doors and windows are sealed well
  • Using more efficient appliances and light bulbs
4. Ask for Lower RatesIf you're willing to negotiate with Dominion, you might have success in asking for a lower rate on your electricity bill. You'll usually have the best results if you call and have a live conversation with a representative. If there are other energy companies that serve your area, check their rates. If you can get a better rate elsewhere, bring that up when you speak to Dominion. Talk about your history of being a good and reliable customer, and ask if the company can give you a better rate.

While all of these options can help you reduce your energy bill, they can be a bit complicated and time-consuming. Changing your energy habits can be overwhelming, and negotiating with your energy company can be stressful.

Easily Negotiate Your Dominion Power Bill With DoNotPay

Sometimes you can get great results by simply asking for a better price, but actually doing this can be intimidating. Most people are not confident negotiators. Fortunately, DoNotPay can do this hard work for you. With DoNotPay's fast, easy and successful negotiate bills product, we'll contact your energy company to fight for a better deal for you. DoNotPay can help you save both time and stress, so you can continue to benefit from lower bills.

DoNotPay can help lower your bills:

  1. Go to the Negotiate Bills product on DoNotPay.

  2. Choose whether you want us to call and negotiate your bill for you or send a bill negotiation letter on your behalf.

  3. Provide the details that will help us negotiate your bill including the company name and how much your current plan costs.

  4. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.

And that's it! DoNotPay will do all the negotiation on your behalf.

DoNotPay Works With All Companies

Wherever you'd like to negotiate your bills, DoNotPay can help. Some of the bills DoNotPay can help with include:

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