Find Unclaimed Money in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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How To Find Your Unclaimed Money in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Do you know that you may have forgotten assets in Milwaukee County?

Each year States return over $3 billion in unclaimed money to the rightful owners. Wisconsin is not an exception, and it may even be more proactive in returning unclaimed funds.

The state's institutions run several outreach programs while the counties, like Milwaukee, implement independent activities to return the unclaimed property in their hold.

What Is Unclaimed Money in Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Unclaimed money can be any financial asset that hasn't had activity from the owner for at least one year. Another condition is that the holder of the funds is not able to contact the original owner.

The institution in charge of keeping and returning unclaimed assets in Wisconsin is the Department of Revenue (DOR).

The DOR works on several projects aiming to locate the original owners and return their property:

The last one is actively matching the Social Security numbers of unclaimed property owners with Wisconsin tax records.

Regarding local unclaimed funds, counties in Wisconsin have their own outreach activities. Agencies like the Milwaukee County Treasurer's Office hold certain unclaimed funds from local municipalities and courts.

This means that the State of Wisconsin and Milwaukee County have separate unclaimed funds programs, which may make it more difficult for you to claim your money.

What Types of Unclaimed Money Does Milwaukee County Recognize?

States don't differ much in what type of assets they consider unclaimed.

In Wisconsin, like most other states, certain types of property can become unclaimed:

Unclaimed AssetsNot Unclaimed Assets
  • Real estate
  • Cars
  • Furniture
  • Stolen assets

As a general rule, companies and institutions are required to turn over these assets to the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue (DOR).

When it comes to local municipalities, the situation is a bit different. The Milwaukee County Treasurer keeps certain assets on behalf of the courts and municipalities without sending them to the DOR.

The unclaimed assets that you can find at the Milwaukee County Treasurer can be:

  • Program payments
  • Services payments
  • Checks for jury duty
  • Bail money
  • Overpayments

DoNotPay Helps You Claim Your Unclaimed Money in Milwaukee County

DoNotPay is a powerful virtual assistant that will help you locate your forgotten assets in Milwaukee County, but we can do much more than that. Our extensive database of unclaimed assets and AI-powered search engine can track down your assets even outside Milwaukee.

DoNotPay has access to unclaimed money registries in the entire state, and we are not limited to Wisconsin either. If you ever lived in any other state, we've got you covered.

Follow these steps to search for and claim your funds in any state:

  1. Access your account from a
  2. Select the Missing Money tool
  3. Type in your full name and your current and previous addresses
  4. Click on the Claim My Property option to begin the process

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How To Find and Claim Unclaimed Money in Milwaukee, WI by Yourself

You can check if you have any unclaimed money in Milwaukee on the Milwaukee County Treasurer website. If you find any assets, you can file a claim in person or via mail.

Finding Unclaimed Money in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee County Treasurer website contains several lists of unclaimed funds—each made for a certain year. Every list includes the owner's name, address, and the amount they are entitled to. To access the list:

  1. Go to the Milwaukee County Treasurer website
  2. Scroll down until you find the Review List of Unclaimed Funds section
  3. Click on the list you want
  4. Search for your name on the list
  5. Check where to claim the assets if you find any

While the list is updated each year, there is one major problem. Lists are PDF documents. There is no option to search all lists by your name or address or to narrow down the search.

The only way to make the process of searching multiple 100-page documents manually easier is to use keyboard shortcuts and hope to find your assets.

Claiming Unclaimed Money in Milwaukee in Person

Assuming you manage to navigate through the lists and find money that belongs to you, you can claim it by visiting the government agency listed above your asset.

There are some steps to take before submitting your claim:

  1. Download and print the official claim form
  2. Fill out the form and notarize it
  3. Prepare a photo I.D.

Claiming Unclaimed Money in Milwaukee via Mail

If you don't feel like making your claim in person, you can send your claim via mail.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Print the official form and fill it out for each amount
  2. Notarize your claim
  3. Prepare a copy of a photo I.D.
  4. Send the notarized claim form and copy of identification to: Milwaukee County Treasurer's Office 901 N. 9th St., Room 102 Milwaukee, WI 53233-1462

Finding Forgotten Assets in Wisconsin

You can search for and claim your unclaimed assets in the rest of Wisconsin on the Department of Revenue (DOR) website.

The platform offers several possibilities:

  1. Search for unclaimed property
  2. File a claim online
  3. Check the status of your claim

You can always go for the simpler option and use DoNotPay to look for and claim any unclaimed assets in Wisconsin or any other state.

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