Does Town Fair Tire Price Match?

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Does Town Fair Tire Price Match?

One of the most disappointing things you can do after a big purchase is found out that there was a better price available with a competitor. That disappointment can be reversed quickly if your retailer is willing to work with you on reimbursement for paying a higher price. In the retail industry, it does not matter if you are shopping for tires or home goods, many of the products we use regularly are found with various retailers.

Tire shops like Town Fair Tire have seen the value in keeping customers with offering this service. Whether you recently made a tire purchase from , or are planning to make a purchase soon, DoNotPay can help you find the best price on your tires today.

How Popular Are Price Match Policies?

Some of the more well-known retailers across the nation have a policy for price matching and meeting the prices of their competitors if the customer presents a better deal.

TargetHome DepotLowes
Best BuyWalmartCostco

You may be wondering if some online retailers like Amazon have an existing policy or department stores like Nordstrom and Kohls. The truth is that many of these stores have some form of a policy in a refund, rebate, or both depending on the situation.

Does Town Fair Tire Price Match or Offer an Adjustment Policy?

If you are a customer of Town Fair Tire or looking to purchase tires with them in the future, it is important to know if there is a price match policy available. Across the company, there is an existing Price Match Policy that the locations will honor when it comes to local competitors in the area. You can also continue to save more money if you visit them online and look for discounts and rebates before you make your purchase.

Do they price match?Yes
Are there restrictions?Yes, they want to compete with local companies
Is it easy to get a price match?DoNotPay makes it even easier.

What is Town Fair Tire's Price Match Policy?

According to the website Town Fair Tire, they are willing to match lower prices, even if you have recently had your sale. If you have purchased tires from one of their locations in the last 30 days and you find a better price on the tire brand that you purchased, they will match or beat it. These tires must be on sale at one of the local competitors in the area.

How Do I Make This Request on Price Matching For My Recent Purchase?

If you do come across a better price on the tires that you purchased from a competitor of Town Fair Tire, then you need to do the following in order to get your request approved:

  1. Get a copy of the tire price either off of the internet or in a sales paper where it is being advertised with the tire.
  2. Bring that sales paper or a picture of the advertisement online to the office where you received your tire service.
  3. Once the price match is verified, you can be reimbursed for the difference in the tires.

As long as you are still within 30 days of your purchase and the tires are being sold by a local competitor, you can get a price match right away. Even if you have not paid for your tires, you can bring in the competitor's price and they are willing to match it at that time.

Are There Other Discounts I Can Take Advantage of at Town Fair Tire?

there are tire rebates and tire specials listed online for customers to take advantage of. If you have purchased or plan to purchase one of the tire brands listed on the rebate page, all you need to do is complete the rebate form.

  • Click on the link beneath your tire brand that says "Rebate Form."
  • Enter your email address and have the form sent to you.
  • Once completed, send it back to the office.

If you want a rebate to be honored outside the posted dates for rebates, make sure you reach out to your Local Town Fair Tire and let them know you will be submitting a form right away.

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