Get Free Gas with Stop and Shop's Fuel Rewards Program

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Get Free Gas with Stop and Shop's Fuel Rewards Program

In the current era of sky-high fuel prices, most drivers are actively trying to save money on gas.

That's why major supermarkets like Stop & Shop have rolled out fuel reward programs that encourage their customers to stay loyal and get more discounts at the pump. If you're already buying a lot of groceries and other essentials at Stop & Shop, taking advantage of these savings is truly a no-brainer!

While the program is very convenient, signing up can still be a confusing process. Learn more about what you need to get started and how DoNotPay can help you make the most of these discounts.

What Are Fuel Rewards?

Fuel rewards are a point-based system, similar to how credit card points accumulate over time to help you get perks.

  1. The points are earned from spending money at Stop & Shop, purchasing items that you were already going to buy anyway.
  2. Once you have accumulated enough fuel rewards, they can be used for discounts on every gallon of gas you buy at a participating gas station.
  3. For regular customers of Stop and Shop, these points will add up to some pretty sweet savings over time!

How Stop & Shop's Fuel Rewards Program Works

Stop & Shop's program is called Go Rewards and it's one of the easiest ways to save money at the pump without any extra effort. Here's what you need to know:

Savings/gallonEvery 100 points will get you a discount of 10 cents per gallon. Customers earn one point for every dollar spent at Stop & Shop, whether it's in-store or online, as long as the total adds up to at least $25.
How It WorksThe point of Go Rewards is to make it a little bit more worthwhile to buy groceries at Stop & Shop instead of somewhere else. That means you rack up points just by going about your regular shopping routine. Once you're ready to redeem the accumulated discounts, head to either Stop and Shop gas stations or Shell locations that are participating in the program. You can save up to $1.50 per gallon of gas and are allowed to purchase up to 20 gallons per vehicle.
How to Sign-UpYou can get started with Go Rewards on Stop & Shop's mobile app or by creating an account on the website.
Additional BenefitsCustomers also have the option to turn their accumulated reward points into savings for grocery purchases.
Availability of Go RewardsMost Stop & Shop stores are part of this program, which leaves hundreds of options throughout the East Coast, including Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

How to Sign Up For Stop & Shop's Fuel Rewards Program

Signing up for Go Rewards is very simple and doesn't require getting a new physical card. You can accumulate points by either using the regular Stop & Shop card at checkout or providing your alternate ID information. Here's how you can get started:

  1. Download Stop & Shop's mobile or create an account on the website
  2. Answer basic information about yourself, like name, phone number, and email address
  3. Link your Stop & Shop to a Fuel Rewards account to accumulate even more points with every purchase
  4. Points expire after about two months, so keep an eye out to make sure you use 'em or lose 'em!

Use DoNotPay to Sign Up for Stop & Shop Fuel Rewards

The best way to maximize your discounts without any hassle is to use DoNotPay's Fuel Rewards tool to sign up for . Instead of taking the time to create an account and then trying to remember yet another username, why not automate the whole process in just a few clicks?

But that's not all. DoNotPay can also help you join fuel rewards programs at other popular stores and services you're likely to already use:

Keep track of all your points in one convenient spot, allowing you to save more money on gas than ever!

How to Get Discounts and Rewards for Fuel Using DoNotPay

If you want to get discounts and rewards for fuel but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 3 easy steps. These are:

  1. Open DoNotPay and click on the Fuel Rewards Product.

  1. Choose whether you would like to 1) Sign up for a new rewards account, 2) See your Alt ID, or 3) Check on your fuel points. If it's your first time using our product, you'll be prompted to sign up for a rewards account first.

  1. If you chose to see your Alt ID or fuel points, DoNotPay will display that information for you. Otherwise, we'll guide you through a few questions so we can sign you up for a rewards account at your favorite gas station on your behalf.

Why DoNotPay Is the Best Way to Join Stop & Shop's Fuel Rewards

DoNotPay is all about working smarter instead of working harder. Our Fuel Rewards tool makes it easy to join Stop & Shop's program, keep track of your points, and take full advantage of this program.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

There are so many ways that DoNotPay can help you save money, save time, or save the hassle. Download the app today to discover unique services that can make your life easier, such as:

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