Does Steam Price Match?

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Does Steam Price Match?

You've probably had this happen: You downloaded the latest game from Steam, and two days later it went on sale, there or elsewhere. Do you wonder if there's a or adjustment program? The answer is... kinda.

Steam might be the boss among game streaming platforms, but it's not without challenges to keep it on its toes and keep its gamers loyal. While Steam won't match competing platforms' prices, they will let you recoup the difference if you purchased a game right before its price was cut if you get your Steam price adjustment in time.

What Is Steam?

If you're a PC gamer, you can skip this section but if you're a parent or spouse getting an account set up for someone else, here are the basics in a nutshell: is gaming's version of Amazon crossed with Netflix. It's a free-to-use, multi-functional, cloud-based platform that allows a gamer to purchase and stream games on their Steam account.

The platform also has a thriving online community and a means to trade or sell games with one another. Steam was founded in 2003, and its parent company Valve is based in Bellevue, Washington.

Steam's Top 10 Competitors

Steam has become a household name, but there are other contenders to consider. We've listed 10 of them in alphabetical order because some of them are niche, and each has its own loyal base.

  1. Challengermode
  2. Epic Games Store
  3. Fanatical
  5. Green Man Gaming
  6. Humble Store
  8. Microsoft Store
  9. OP.GG
  10. Uplay

Why Streaming Platforms Rarely Price Match Their Competitors

The bottom line is that game publishers set prices for their titles, and when they want to push sales, they'll knock down the price, which is then passed on by the distributors. So when a game goes on sale on Steam, it usually goes on sale for the same price as Steam's competitors.

How to Get a Steam Price Adjustment on Your Own

Price match?Yes, via refund and repurchase
TimeframeWithin two weeks, if you haven't spent more than two hours in-game.
Matches withTheir own prices

Steam offers a two-week guarantee on the titles they sell to make sure the purchase codes work, the game is compatible with the user's computer, and to let users spend a little bit of time in-game to see if they like what they paid for. This guarantee is the workaround to get Steam to pay the difference if you purchase a game shortly before it goes on sale.

Steam is well-aware that gamers take advantage of their policy, binge-playing titles for a couple of weeks before getting a refund and moving on to the next title. That's why you need to convince them that you are legitimately asking for a refund so you can repurchase the title at the lower price—and yes, Steam sees this refund as a legitimate request.

The trick is knowing how to ask for a refund, and how to jump through the hoops to get it. Here's how to do it on your own:

  1. Read Steam's refund policy.
  2. Log into your Steam account.
  3. Navigate to
  4. Select the game title you purchased.
  5. Click on "I still have a question".
  6. Write a detailed statement requesting a refund so you can repurchase the game at the sale price. Include the following:
  7. The date you purchased the title
  8. How many hours you played the title (they have a record, so don't fudge it)

If you haven't played the game more than a couple of hours, or had the game for more than two weeks, you might get lucky and get a refund within a week of your request. If your request is rejected, you can start over again. It's not uncommon for Steam to let gamers refund and repurchase games if they've played for more than two hours, but if that's the case (and you're honest about it) Steam might give you a break.

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