The No.1 Virtual Phone Number App for SMS Verification

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The No.1 Virtual Phone Number App for SMS Verification

Have you ever wondered where anonymous phone calls and texts come from? If you’re randomly getting calls from an automated voice or messages from people you don’t know, it’s not usually a coincidence that’ll blow over.

Receiving spam messages and calls is not a matter of somebody randomly dialing your number, but rather that person getting a hold of your number and planning to call or text you. Oftentimes, this number is given or bought from other companies from directories of registered users.

Yeah, that’s terrible. Fortunately, SMS verification apps exist for this very reason. DoNotPay can show you all the details on how fake phone number apps for verification work.

What’s A Fake Number App For Verification?

An SMS verification app is a service that issues customers temporary phone numbers. These numbers are designed to be used in place of your real phone number when signing up for websites, apps, video games, and other services that require an SMS phone number.

Here’s how these verification apps typically work:

  • The app either issues you a random number or you pick from a listing of numbers.
  • Usually, the number is only active for a limited time.
  • When signing up for websites with this phone number, the site gives a verification code to the verification app, which will share that code with you to complete your registration.
  • You are not required to manage the number or buy any equipment such as a burner phone.

What's the Best SMS Verification App?

Each phone number generator app for verification promises to solve the same problems for customers, but they all work in their own ways. When considering price, reliability, response time, and phone compatibility factors, DoNotPay is your best option when it comes to a virtual phone number app for SMS verification.

PriceSome apps will charge by the number while others charge based on the time you keep it active.
ReliabilityReliability can be spotty depending on the verification app. While some apps claim their phone numbers will always work, the number you get might have been used previously by someone else to register for the same website. The service doesn’t work if the number doesn’t!
Response TimeWhen registering for websites and services, you’d like to get the verification code texted to you as quickly as possible, as there’s only a small window to enter it before it expires. Some verification apps are more responsive than others to give you the code on time.
Phone / Browser CompatibilitySome apps like are available on web browsers, iOS, and Android phones, offering customers the ability to choose how to use the service. Other apps, however, will likely only be limited to just one or two platforms.

Should I Give DoNotPay A Try?

Definitely! is the fake number app for verification that we recommend the most. Check out DoNotPay’s specs to see how you can get a stellar experience when obtaining a fake phone number:

  • Each number is only available for 10 minutes, and we keep tabs on what numbers have been previously used on which sites to ensure the number you receive will always work!
  • Download DoNotPay on iOS or Android, in addition to visiting on your web browser to use any service you need.

DoNotPay’s Number Verification Walkthrough

Retrieving and using a temporary phone number from is quick and easy. Let us walk you through the process:

  1. Log on to DoNotPay and select the Burner Phone product.
  2. Enter the website or service you’re looking to get registered on, then select “Create a temporary number”.
  3. Retrieve your number and use it to sign up for the website.
  4. Wait for your phone to receive a text from DoNotPay, containing the verification code.
  5. Retrieve the code and use it to complete your website registration.

And with that, you’re verified without using your own number!

Will I Get In Trouble Using DoNotPay?

Most websites that require SMS numbers only need it one time so that you can become a verified user for the site. Outside of giving the number to other entities, the companies won’t need the number after that. These sites don’t review phone numbers, so there’s no way for them to verify if they belong to real people or a verification app.

With that said, you should be very confident in registering for websites with DoNotPay moving forward!

What Else Does DoNotPay Offer?

We strongly suggest sticking around after your first website registration, as we offer numerous tools and resources that may be convenient for you sometime down the road. Check out other DoNotPay products you can use at no additional charge:

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