Guide On Getting Your Pet License In San Clemente And Dana Point

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How to Get a Pet License in San Clemente and Dana Point

There are many ways to get a . For instance, you can register your pet online, by mail, or in person. However, the best way to register your pet in California is through DoNotPay due to its convenience and simplicity.

Registering your pet in Orange County is crucial because it's the law. Specifically, the law requires you to register any dog over the age of four months within 15 days of bringing it to Dana Point or San Clemente. Registering cats is optional.

How to License Online

To get your pet license online, you must create an account with a third-party website and wait for a reference number to be mailed to you. Then, you have to log in using the reference number you received through the United States Postal Service, fill out the application, and submit all required documentation. For instance, you may need to include:

1. A rabies vaccination certificate.

2. A spay or neuter certificate.

3. Proof that you are 62 or older to receive a senior discount.

How to License By Mail

To license your pet in Orange County by mail, you will need to print an application, fill it out, indicate the fees you are paying, and remit payment to the OC Animal Care licensing department in Tustin. You may remit payment with a money order or check made out to OC Animal Care.

If applicable, you must provide proof of sterility. You also must provide proof of rabies vaccination. Finally, you must provide proof of your age to qualify for a senior discount.

How Much License Fees Cost

As of September 1, 2021, licensing your pets will cost you the following:

Licensing Fees1 Year2 Year3 Year
Unaltered Pet$62.00$124.00$186.00
Spayed or Neutered Pet$25.00$50.00$70.00
Senior Discount (62+)1 Year2 Year3 Year
Unaltered Pet$31.00$62.00$93.00
Spayed or Neutered Pet$12.00$24.00$34.00
Other Fees
Late Fee (30 days per pet)$15.00
Late Fee (180 days per pet)$20.00
Replacement Tag$8.00
License Transfer$10.00

It's not just important to register your pet in San Clemente or Dana Point. It is also very important to pay your registration on time to avoid late fees.

How Long Does the Pet License Last in San Clemente and Dana Point?

When you fill out the application for your pet license in San Clemente and Dana Point, you will notice options to pay for a one-year, two-year, or three-year license. You will also notice a license fee discount if you have a spayed or neutered pet and pay for a three-year license.

You may only pay for a three-year license if your pet's rabies vaccination will not expire within this time frame. Put another way, your pet license will last as long as your pet's rabies vaccination.

How to Save Time Registering Your Pet in San Clemente and Dana Point using DoNotPay

If you want to save time registering your pet in San Clemente and Dana Point using DoNotPay, but you don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in six simple steps:

1. Go to the Pet Licenses product on DoNotPay.

2. Enter the county or city you are looking to register your pet in.

3. Tell us more about your pet, including the breed, gender, whether they are spayed/neutered, approximate age, and more.

4. Upload evidence documents that prove that your pet has been spayed/neutered (if applicable) and a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate.

5. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.

6. Complete your application by paying the license processing fee, so we can file the application on your behalf.

Why Use DoNotPay to Register Your Pet in San Clemente and Dana Point

You should use DoNotPay to register your pet in San Clemente and Dana Point because it is fast, easy, and successful.

  • You won't have to spend hours tracking down all of the forms you need to fill out.
  • You won't have to fill in the same information over and over again across various forms.
  • Lastly, your registration won't be delayed because you missed a document or submitted the wrong document.

DoNotPay Works Across All Cities and Counties With the Click of a Button

Are you thinking about moving out of Orange County? If you are, DoNotPay can help you get a pet license anywhere in the country. For instance, we can help you get a:

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