What You Need to Know About Getting an Omaha Pet License

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How to Obtain an Omaha Pet License Easily

If you're a pet owner, you know that they come with a myriad of responsibilities. Responsible pet ownership is more than snuggling and teaching them cute tricks. You need to feed them a healthy diet, exercise, and mentally stimulate them so they don't become destructive, and make sure you get your pet license. A pet license signifies that you are in compliance with the law, and can help your pet get returned to you if it gets lost. If you have questions about obtaining an , DoNotPay can help.

What You Need to Know About Licensing a Pet in Omaha

  • Dogs, cats, and mini-pigs must be licensed.
  • Pets must be licensed at 4 months old.
  • You are considered a pet owner after 30 days.
  • New residents have 30 days to license their pets within the .
  • Veterinary proof of rabies vaccination is required for licensing cats and dogs.
  • Due date: January 1st each year; licenses are delinquent after March 15th.
  • New pet owners and new residents are not considered delinquent when applying for a pet license.

How Do You Register for a Pet License in Omaha?

The Nebraska Humane Society provides licensing services for the City of Omaha. You can apply in different ways through the Humane Society or apply quickly with DoNotPay.

  1. Online. You can apply for most cat and dog licenses online. However, it's important to note that service animals, potentially dangerous or dangerous animals, and mini-pig licenses cannot be purchased online.
  2. By mail. You may print, fill out, and mail your pet license application and fees to:

City of Omaha • P.O. Box 641760 • Omaha, NE 68164

  1. Participating veterinary clinics. At this time, there are three metro area vet clinics that provide year-round licensing for new pets when they get their exam and shots. You can find an updated list on the Humane Society's website.
  2. Humane Society. You may apply for a pet license in person at the Nebraska Humane Society. At this time, they still encourage you to mail your license or apply online and a mail slot is available for drop-off submissions.

What Are the Fees to Register Your Pet in Omaha?

There are different fees associated with licensing your pet in Omaha:

State Fee$1.25 for each license
Altered Cat$14.25
Altered Dog$27.25
Intact Cat or Dog$52.25
Mini Pig$35
Service AnimalsNo Charge
Replacement Fee for Lost Tag$10
Late FeesLicenses are due by 3/15 - City fees are doubled through the end of March and then a $50 late fee/per pet is due (Late Fees not to exceed $100/household).
Penalties/Fines:Failure to license your pet can cost up to $500 and/or a jail sentence of up to 6 months per pet.

How to Save Time by Licensing Your Pet in Omaha using DoNotPay?

Researching applicable licensing laws can be a little tricky and time-consuming. Instead of trying to figure out the Humane Society's online forms or printing and mailing application forms, you can save time and energy with DoNotPay.

If you want to save time registering your pet in Omaha, but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

  1. Go to the Pet Licenses product on DoNotPay.
  2. Enter the county or city you are looking to register your pet in.
  3. Tell us more about your pet, including the breed, gender, whether they are spayed/neutered, approximate age, and more.
  4. Upload evidence documents that prove that your pet has been spayed/neutered (if applicable) and a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate.
  5. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.
  6. Complete your application by paying the license processing fee, so we can file the application on your behalf.

Why Use DoNotPay to Apply for a Pet License?

If you need a quick and easy solution to register your pet in Omaha, DoNotPay is the solution. The process is fast and easy because you only have to enter your information quickly instead of setting up a new online account or printing and filling out documents that you may forget to mail. You can take care of everything right now. We file the application on your behalf, and you get back to cuddling your pet.

DoNotPay Can Help You License Your Pets Anywhere

DoNotPay's Pet Licensing service works for anywhere, not just Omaha. No matter what city, county, or state, here are just a few of the places where we can help you get your pet licensed:

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