Report Roblox Email & Stop them From Flooding Your Inbox

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How to Report Roblox Email Scams and Stop Them From Flooding Your Inbox

Roblox has a massive problem with scam emails. The player base comprises children and teens, and scammers are quick to exploit this fact. These emails clutter up players’ inboxes and direct them to malicious links. Opening phishing emails can lead to players losing their accounts or compromising their credit cards.

With the right email blocker, you can get rid of the influx of unnecessary emails. DoNotPay is considered one of the quicker and more convenient ways to stop spam and phishing emails. Our app will help you block Roblox emails and clear up your inbox.

Block Roblox Spam Emails with DoNotPay

DoNotPay is a virtual assistant that makes blocking email addresses trivial. It doesn’t take longer than a few minutes to get it up and running. Start by opening the app in your . From there:

  1. Log in to the app
  2. Head to the Spam Collector tab on the left side
  3. Connect your email address to DoNotPay by typing it in the text box
  4. Forward any emails from the spam sender to

DoNotPay will then automatically unsubscribe you from mailing lists from this sender. Taking action against the sender is also an option. We will notify you when a class-action lawsuit becomes available. You can find a flag in the Spam Collector tab that tells you if there’s an active suit.

How to Determine Whether a Roblox Email is Real or Fake

The Roblox support team might send you emails for a variety of reasons. Scammers will try to emulate official accounts to make their emails more convincing. Recognizing the signs of a fake email account is crucial if you want to avoid being tricked by one.

There are certain things official Roblox support emails will never ask you to do.

The content of an email

Official accounts

Fake & phishing accounts

A request to reset your password because your account was “compromised”

A message thanking you for buying a large amount of the in-game currency(Robux)No


Links to the online Roblox forums

An offer to join the dev or support teamNo


A notice that your email account was changed and a link to the account revert page



Other emails will contain convincing copies of official messages, sent from addresses that mimic real ones. To make sure the email in your inbox is the real thing, you will want to pay attention to the sender’s address. Get familiar with official Roblox email addresses, and you won’t have issues with dodging suspicious links.

What Are the Official Roblox Email Addresses?

Roblox sends emails to its users from several different accounts. The address will depend on the reason for the message. The first thing to note with Roblox’s official emails is that they all end with The only exception is, which represents Roblox customer support in the EU.

These are the most commonly used emails by the official Roblox team:


Even if you pay attention to the sender’s address, you can still be tricked by email abuse. Scammers will go a step further and recreate these addresses with similar-sounding names. Be mindful of the official email accounts and watch for emails that try to get you to click on links.

How to Manually Report Roblox Email Scams

Reporting a spam email is a straightforward process in most email apps. If you use any of the following apps, you shouldn’t have any issues reporting or blocking emails manually:

  • Gmail
  • Microsoft’s Outlook
  • iCloud Mail
  • Yahoo Mail

The report function may differ between them, but the result is the same. You will stop receiving emails from the sender, and the email provider will keep an eye on them for suspicious activity.

Reporting an Email in Gmail

Gmail offers different methods for blocking emails on Android and iOS devices. You can manually block the sender with the Block function or report the email as spam. To report an email, you have to:

  1. Open the Gmail app
  2. Click on the email message
  3. Next to Reply, click on the dotted icon (Classic Gmail uses a down arrow instead of a dotted icon)
  4. Press Report Spam or Report Phishing

Reporting an Email in Outlook

You can report emails in Outlook from the inbox or the Junk mail folder. In the inbox, you have to:

  1. Select the message
  2. Click Junk in the toolbar
  3. Select the Junk option

In the Junk mail folder:

  1. Select Not Junk
  2. Press Report

Reporting an Email in iCloud Mail

To report an email for spam or phishing, Apple tells you to send these emails to specific addresses. For phishing emails, forward the email to

Reporting an Email in Yahoo Mail

It’s a quick and straightforward process in Yahoo Mail as well.

  1. Select the email
  2. Press the down arrow button next to Spam
  3. Press Report a Phishing Scam

Once you’ve reported an email, the service will be one step closer to tracking phishing addresses. Not only will the email sender be blocked, but you will also contribute to their blacklist status.

Let DoNotPay Take Care of Physical Junk Mail

Getting physical junk mail is just as irritating as getting spam mail. You probably have to rifle through a bunch of pamphlets and magazines in your mailbox before you can get to important documents and bills. DoNotPay can take care of this problem in minutes. Here’s how you can use the app to get rid of junk mail:

  • Take a photo of the mail you’ve received
  • Send it through the app

DoNotPay will then make sure that you are unsubscribed from the sender’s mailing lists. You won’t have to worry about mail cluttering up your mailbox again.

Other Things DoNotPay Can Do to Make Your Life Easier

DoNotPay takes care of more than just your inbox. It can clear up your mailbox, stop robocallers, and even help you pay your bills. Suing someone for harassment is also made easier with the help of our app. If you’re not familiar with the paperwork needed for a small claims lawsuit, DoNotPay has you covered. Get revenge on spam email senders with a class-action lawsuit, which you’ll find out about through the app. After finding the app on your you should get acquainted with the different benefits it offers.

Here are some things that DoNotPay simplifies for its users:

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