Request a Price Match at Revolve in 3 Steps

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Score Low Prices with Revolve’s Price Match Policies

Do you ever purchase items before checking other offers for the same item? It would be best if you use DoNotPay to check out the policy because you may be paying more for a cheaper product. Revolve is an online store where customers may browse and purchase various brands and designers of clothing and shoes for women, men, and children. Companies such as Lowes, Nordstrom, and Costco have price-match policies.

The price matching process may be tedious and frustrating when you conduct it yourself. However, you don't need to worry because using DoNotPay is faster, more convenient, and automated to make the process easy for you. DoNotPay can help you learn Target's price match, best-buy price match, and Walmart's price match policies.

Does Revolve Price Match?

Yes, the company offers a policy. Within 30 days of your purchase, revolve will match any online competitor's non-clearance price. At the time of sale, it will also match most of the major competitor's coupons and refund you. If Revolve discovers you paid a higher price than its competitors for the items you bought, the company will refund you the difference from that sale. Revolve's price match policy has the following details:

Price Match?Yes
Time-frame:Within 30 days of purchase
Price Matches:Clothing, shoes, designers, and other accessories
Exclusions:New products and bestsellers
Where to Redeem:At Revolve clothing website

Revolve Price Guarantee Policy Details

Revolve offers the following price match guarantees:

  • Within 30 days of your purchase, revolve will match any online competitor's non-clearance price.
  • Revolve's price match policy applies to clothing, shoes, beauty products, and accessories at the company's discretion.
  • At the time of purchase, it will also match most major competitors' coupons.
  • All goods are guaranteed to be in stock in the sizes listed, or you'll get a 25% discount on your next order.
  • Within the United States, USPS 2–3-day Priority Mail delivery is free.
  • All domestic orders include free return shipping and a prepaid mailer.


Within 30 days of your purchase, revolve will always match an online competitor's non-clearance price, based on the following restrictions:

  • Revolve will match clearance prices at the sales managers' discretion.
  • The clearance price is 40% or more of the original price.
  • You cannot mix and match coupons with prices.
  • Revolve will price match items, colors, and sizes unique to its stores or items on sale at its discretion.
  • Revolve doesn't match the cost of an item in stock at another shop.

How Do I Redeem Revolve's Price Guarantees?

If you want to take advantage of Revolve's price guarantees, then you should follow these steps:

  1. Visit Revolve's website after you purchase the price-guaranteed item.
  2. Click the "Contact Us" button.
  3. Visit the Gift Revolve section.
  4. Select the item for which you want a price match.
  5. You will receive a notification from the company after 30 days.

Other Ways to Save at Revolve

On your initial visit to Revolve's website, you can save by providing the company with your email address. The company will send newsletters to your e-mail with all available deals and coupons you can use after your first visit. These coupons are only available through e-mail. You can also use promo codes from CNN and get 10% off any item you buy.

What Is Price Matching?

Price matching is where many chain retail establishments have a policy that if a rival retailer offers a lower price on an item you want, they offer the same price for the product. If you're not a frequent shopper, price matching may not be something you think about. However, it might be a handy tool if you're dedicated to a particular company or brand – or want to make your life easier and save money and time. The following companies have a price match policy:

CompanyPrice Match
Best BuyYes
Home DepotYes

How to Find Revolve's Price Match Items by Yourself

If you want to find the best prices for yourself, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to Revolve's website with your email and create a password.
  2. You will receive newsletters with coupons and the best prices.
  3. Select the item that has a price guarantee.
  4. Call, e-mail, or live chat the company's customer service.
  5. You will receive feedback within 48 hours.

However, the process is time-consuming, and you can also forget your password. The feedback from the company can take up to 2 days, which is slow and be frustrating when you need a product urgently.

Solve Revolve's Price Match Issues With the Help of DoNotPay

Finding the best prices yourself may be time-consuming if you have urgent matters to attend to. Resetting your password takes time, with various security questions that may frustrate you. DoNotPay provides you with a fast, convenient, and easy method to find the best prices for the products you require.

How to Take Advantage of Price Matching Using DoNotPay?

If you're looking for the best prices but aren't sure where to begin, DoNotPay has you covered in three easy steps:

  1. Search for Price Match on DoNotPay and select the product.

  2. Select whether you were charged more than the advertised price or if you believe you are eligible for a price match.

  3. Provide the name of the product you purchased so we can see if it qualifies for a price adjustment. If you believe your desired item is qualified for a price match, we’ll double-check for you.

If you haven’t already, make sure to include that DoNotPay can also:

  • Find the Best Deals - DoNotPay can also help you find the cheapest price available for your desired purchase! Just use the Find the Best Deals service to have us find the best deals for your item. We’ll send you the top 3 lowest prices we find for your item.
  • Deals and Coupons - DoNotPay can also help you find relevant promo codes redeemable at Revolve. Just use the Deals and Coupons service to have us scan the web for active coupon codes.

DoNotPay Helps You Find the Cheapest Price Available for Your Desired Purchase

Aside from Revolve, we can also assist you with the following inquiries:

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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