Save Money by Conducting an REI Price Match

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Save Money by Conducting an REI Price Match

Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) was founded in 1938 by 23 friends with a shared love for the great outdoors. Ever since, the brand has been providing high-quality gear and apparel, rental equipment, expert advice and insights, and inspirational stories about the outdoors.

As a co-op-owned business, the brand ensures its members and patrons enjoy great deals. There is even more reason for you to enjoy the same to enable you to save an extra coin. Among those deals is the .

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Does REI Price Match?

No. The company does not offer an policy. Since REI is a member-owned co-op, they focus on delivering welfare to members and customers by offering high-quality products and great deals, such as discounts and dividends.

However, REI has a price adjustment policy that allows a customer to receive a partial refund on select products that qualify for the program.

Price Adjustment?Yes
Time-frame:14 days
Price Adjustments:More information below
Where to Redeem:In-store and online

Learn More About REI Price Adjustment

It's vital to differentiate an REI price adjustment guarantee from a price match guarantee. These two are different policies. So, how does the price adjustment work?

While more than 80% of customers prefer conducting pre-purchase research, you might decide to purchase a product from REI without or before researching.

A few days later, you spot the same product on an REI competitor's store and adverts showing the product has a lower value.

The price adjustment policy states you to contact REI and request a price adjustment. However, for that to happen, you must follow this process:

  1. Provide substantial evidence showing the product has a lower value than that at REI.
  2. Confirm availability of the exact product, model, make, and specifications.
  3. Wait for REI representatives to scrutinize your evidence and confirm the availability of the exact product in their inventory. When successful, they will adjust the price accordingly, which is the difference between the cost you paid for the product and the value at REI's inventory.

Additionally, strict rules govern REI price adjustment you must understand before making the adjustment request:

  • You must claim the adjustment within 14 days of your purchase.
  • The product must be of the same make, model, and other specifications.
  • You can only notify REI via the set communication channels.
  • REI doesn't adjust prices for products such as REI Outlets purchases that are ineligible for price adjustment.
  • Products such as robots, crawlers, spiders, scrapers contravene REI's terms of use since they are automated means of interfacing, resulting in data access and extraction.

These rules might not be clear or exhaustive. The best course of action to take is to contact REI's representatives to furnish you with more detailed information, especially the products that don't qualify for price adjustment.

How to Save Money When Shopping at REI

Sadly, you can't save via a price match. But, through the REI price adjustment policy, you still enjoy high-quality products and get a partial refund on select products eligible for the adjustment.

Nonetheless, there are other ways you can save when shopping at REI:

  • Percentage discounts
  • Free shipping on purchases amounting to $50 and above, except for return shipments, special orders, prior purchases, REI gift cards, memberships, shop deliverables, and rentals

Additionally, you must order the products via REI Online, REI Outlet, or 1-800-426-4840.

  • Sign in coupons – receive 15%off coupons when you subscribe to REI's newsletter emails
  • Lifetime value membership – at $20, you can join REI's lifetime value club and receive 10% back on select purchases, and savings on bike and ski products and services
  • Gift cards – spend a certain amount in purchases and receive a valued gift card
  • Numerous promo codes and coupons

Alternatives to REI That Offer Price Matching

Even if REI is your favorite store to shop for your favorite brands, you might get disappointed or dissatisfied if the store doesn't have a price match policy.

You can still shop for your favorite brands in other stores with price match policies. Some of these stores include:

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How to Look For REI Price Adjustment by Yourself/on Your Own

It sounds fantastic; you can save some bucks even though there isn't an REI price match guarantee, right?

Well, that's just the first step! From there, the real work begins; looking and claiming your price adjustment before the 14-day window period expires.

So, you have decided to go at it solo? That's okay; here are the different ways you can achieve your goal:

  • In-person visits – visit any of the 168 REI locations in 39 states to make your claim or gather more information.
  • Phone call – get in touch by calling 1-800-426-4840 (local callers) or 1-253-891-2500 (international callers).
  • Email – send them an email via their email portal on their website, where they respond within 24 years.
  • Live chat – real-time live chat allows you to get instant feedback on your queries. Access live chat on the website.
  • US Mail – write a letter to REI via USPS and address it to REI Summer, WA 98352 – 0001.
  • Sales reps – contact sales when making an order or be bold to enquire via email or 1-800-258-4567.
  • Website – from your web browser, visit REI Online and sift through the online content to get the info you need. Alternatively, you can also visit the FAQ section.

While you are spoilt for options on the number of ways you can find REI price adjustment, these ways have significant flaws such as lack of skills, technical knowledge, and equipment to access REI Online, you don't have enough time and resources, and health and safety threats amid the global pandemic.

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