6 Places That Can Help With Your Utility Bills

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6 Places That Can Help With Your Utility Bills

Paying for utility bills can overwhelm you. In the event of an abrupt job loss, or emergencies that happen to drain your funds, dealing with pending utility bills can be very stressful and exhausting.In such situations, it’s a good idea to look for places that can .

Even if you are not living a lavish lifestyle, sudden dents on your funds may cause you to miss your deadline on paying for your utilities. An average household typically pays for:

is an online service provider that helps look for places that provide help with utility bills. Your efficient AI Consumer Champion will, then, handle all the necessary paperwork so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Understanding Your Utility Bill

As a consumer, understanding your utility bills gives you an edge. You can easily flag any inconsistent bill or correct errors that could lead to inflated bills.

Check for Errors in Your Utility Bill

Most billing companies make errors. Some of those errors can be costly to the consumer. It is important to go through your bill and check for errors. If you find any, you need to alert your provider for correction. This prevents overcharges.

Organizations That Can Help With Utility Bills

Asking for help is never a bad thing especially if you have been struggling for so long and have exhausted all known sources. Here are some groups that you can request assistance with in times of dire need:

Low-income Energy Assistance ProgramA government program that provides funding for families’ energy costs.
Consumer Energy CenterHelps consumers with their energy bills
Catholic CharitiesThey are located across the country and provide emergency relief with basic needs and utility bills.
Salvation ArmyThey provide temporary help which includes food, basic needs, and utility needs
Child Care and Development FundProvides funds for homes with children to ensure they have access to utilities
NetwishAn NGO that offers grants that can be used to settle your utility bills.

Other sources of assistance that you might also want to consider include the Department of community service and development, Operation Roundup, and supplemental security income.

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Utility Bill

Some utility providers may shut off the service if you have not been paying for it while some companies opt to pass your debts to debt collecting agencies. Both are equally stressful situations that DoNotPay can keep from happening for as long as you request assistance.

Ask For An Extension Date for Your Utility bill

Utility companies don’t always disconnect unpaid services. They can reach out to you with the aim of helping you manage your bill payments. Companies may offer you an extension period or work with you to settle on a realistic payment plan.

This will help you space the payments and minimize the financial burden. DoNotPay can also contact the utility company and get you an extension for payment quickly.

Ask For a Waiver on Late Fees for Utility Bill

When your utility bills feel overwhelming, you can reach out to the provider and negotiate for a waiver on a late fee for your utility bills. Most companies can cushion you with this service, but the application can be a long process.

DoNotPay is a fast online service with expertise in negotiating for a waiver on a late fee on your utility bills. All you need to do is share your bills and DoNotPay will ensure you get an instant waiver on your utility bills.

How to Find Places That Help With Utility Bills by Yourself

You must not fret when your overdue bills are pushing you to cower down on a corner. Know that there are things that you can do to help ease the due date or amount that you need to settle.

Here’s what you can do on your own:

  1. Contact your provider for a discount. Most providers will offer you or apply for you in affiliate organizations. This can be a long process and requires a lot of follow-ups.
  2. Ask for a waiver on the late payment fee. You will be required to submit an application and it may take some time to go through
  3. Apply for a payment plan. Reach out to your provider and draw up a payment plan that is realistic and aligns well with your financial status. You can spread the payments to suit your needs.
  4. Ask for a grant. There are organizations that provide grants that can be channeled to your utility bills. An example of such an organization is Netwish.

The process of application can be tiresome and requires a lot of paperwork and follow-up. This may be challenging, but you can reach out to DoNotPay for instant help with utility bill payments.

Quickly Find Places That Help With Utility Bills Using DoNotPay

Most people face a huge challenge, especially when utility bills start to skyrocket. The process of getting help to offset costs is long and involves a lot of work.

DoNotPay is a quick online service that ensures that you get instant help with your utility bills. If you are tired of the lengthy processes involved in getting help with bills, DoNotPay has you covered in the following easy steps;:

  1. Go to the Negotiate Bills product on DoNotPay.

  2. Choose whether you want us to call and negotiate your bill for you or send a bill negotiation letter on your behalf.

  3. Provide the details that will help us negotiate your bill including the company name and how much your current plan costs.

  4. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.

Leave all the work to DoNotPay! We’ll fight for a lower bill for you.

Why Use DoNotPay to Get Help With Utility Bills

Some people like to DIY or Do-It-Yourself certain tasks because it appears to be more cost-efficient. Little do they know, spending more time and effort costs them more.

In time, asking for DoNotPay’s help will prove to be the best decision you can make. The world’s first AI Consumer Champion is known for being:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

Keeping your utility bill payments up to date can be a challenge but now that DoNotPay got this covered for you, it might be best that you explore other conundrums that the app can handle for you. By following very simple steps, you can depend on DoNotPay with:

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