How to Report a Pothole in Your City

City Repairs How to Report a Pothole in Your City

How to Quickly and Easily Report a Pothole in Your City

Potholes: for many drivers, they pose immense problems. Not only do they leave you jostling and jolting as you try to make your way down the road, but they can also cause serious problems for your vehicle. The city, unfortunately, often does not take care of pothole repairs until multiple people have reported the pothole--or until it inconveniences someone in a position of power.

You need to add your voice to those reporting the pothole so that it gets fixed as soon as possible. You do not, however, want to have to wait in a long line or spend hours trying to find the forms you need or figure out where to report a pothole. Fortunately, DoNotPay makes reporting a pothole simple.

How to Report a Pothole in Your City

Finding out that there's a pothole in your city is frustrating enough. Reporting a pothole can be even more frustrating.

First, you will need to get a decent idea of which city has responsibility for the pothole, including whether the pothole occurs on a stretch of land that might have more than one governing body. Visit the website for that city and look for the reporting tool. The city website might provide you with information about how to properly report a pothole. On the other hand, some smaller cities do not have that information up on the website. Fill out all information and submit it. Conversely, you may have to make a phone call to the local office, rather than submit that information online.

Reporting a pothole in your city may mean time spent on hold, lots of time researching how to properly report the issue, and immense frustration while you wait for the city to finally take care of the issue.

Were You Injured as a Result of a Pothole in Your City? You May Deserve Compensation

Sometimes, potholes can cause serious injuries or damage to your vehicle. In severe cases, potholes can even cause serious auto accidents. If you suffered a serious injury due to a pothole in your city, you may deserve compensation for your injuries. Fortunately, DoNotPay's simple platform makes it easy to sue anyone in small claims court. You may have the right to pursue compensation for:

  • Medical expenses Property damages Lost wages

Keep in mind that the statute of limitations may influence how long you have to sue the city for pothole injuries--and the statute of limitations may be shorter when a government entity is involved in the claim.

Why Should I Report a Pothole in My City?

Dealing with potholes is frustrating for everyone. You may feel, however, that taking the time to report it will cause even more difficulty. Reporting a pothole, however, may come with a number of advantages.

  • If you don't report the pothole, the city may not know about it. As a result, they can't take steps to fix it. The more people report a pothole, the sooner the city is likely to fix it. If you have a record of your request to fix the pothole, it may make it easier to establish your right to compensation if the city does not take the right actions to conduct those vital repairs.

DoNotPay Can Make Reporting a Pothole in Your City Easier

If you want to file a city repair report but don't know where to start, DoNotPay has you covered in 6 easy steps:

1. Go to the City Repairs product on DoNotPay.


2. Choose one of the following options: 1) Report a maintenance issue to the city, or 2) Sue the city for compensation.


3. If you want to report an issue, choose which problem you would like to report (pothole, broken lights, etc.) and tell us more about when you first noticed the issue.


4. If you want to request compensation, tell us whether you 1) suffered a personal injury, or 2) suffered from property damage. Then tell us more about the incident date, where it took place, and any expenses you have already paid. Include the names of witnesses if applicable.


5. Upload supporting documents and other evidence files.


6. Enter the amount you want to be compensated in damages and verify your e-signature.


It's that simple! Once you've filled out the relevant information, DoNotPay can take care of the rest for you--which means that you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about your pothole report in the future.

Why Use DoNotPay to Report City Potholes?

DoNotPay offers many advantages over trying to handle a pothole report on your own.

  • It's fast: you can simply fill out the online form, add your signature, and move on with your day. It's easy: the directions are simple, the process is smooth, and you won't have to worry about possible hangups. It's reliable: once you submit the information through DoNotPay, you can rest assured that the pothole problem has been reported.

Can DoNotPay Help You?

DoNotPay is the ideal solution for managing many city damage reports. You can also use DoNotPay to report:

Can DoNotPay help you manage your pothole report--or any other needs you have when it comes to reporting problems throughout your city? Check us out today to learn more about how we can help.

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