Marana Pet License: Deadlines, Fees, and More

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How to Obtain a Marana Pet License

A pet license is a requirement in most states and cities. If you don't have one for your dog, cat, or other pet by now, you may already be overdue. In fact, in Arizona, a falsely required by the time your pet turns three months old.

Getting a pet license in Arizona can be quite complicated for some Marana residents. It usually involves visiting an office in person or dealing with endless online forms. With DoNotPay 's innovative guidance, you can skip the line (literally and figuratively) and get a Marana pet license with the click of a button.

What Are the Different Ways to License a Pet in Marana?

The most typical place where Marana residents go to license their pets is through Marana Animal Services. You can get a pet license there after showing proof your pet has a rabies vaccination and is spayed or neutered. Without proof of that first, you can't legally get a pet license.

If your pet has resided in Marana for over 30 days, you need to get them licensed immediately if they're over three months old. Once licensed, you're given animal tags that are worn on your pet's collar.

These tags are critical for your animal companion's health and safety. If your pet ever runs away or gets lost, animal control can contact you immediately thanks to your Marana pet license and the phone number on the tags.

Keep in mind all service dogs still active can get a license without you having to pay a fee.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Marana Pet License?

Costs vary for a pet license in Marana. It is all based on the specific age and health status of your animals. Prepare to pay these fees to obtain your license:

  • $20 for an annual pet license if your pet is spayed and neutered.
  • $20 annually for an unaltered dog over ten years old.
  • $60 for an unaltered dog that's under ten years old.
  • $10 for an annual license if you're over 65 and had your pet spayed and neutered.
  • $45 for a three-year license if your pet is spayed and neutered.

You also have additional fees for getting your pet fixed. In Marana, AZ, it usually costs anywhere between $105-$150 for a dog.

Reasons to Register Your Pet for a Marana Pet License

Beyond having an opportunity to locate your pet if they get lost, it's the law to register your pet in Arizona. It's also worth noting all fees you pay for licensing go toward helping to care for animals and in investigating all complaints about strays.

Documents Needed to Register Your Pet for a Marana Pet License

Be sure to bring the following documentation when getting your pet license:

  • A certificate proving your pet had a rabies vaccination.
  • Proof you spayed or neutered your pet. This is usually a signature from a veterinarian.
  • Proof of your age if getting the senior discount.
  • A letter from a certified health professional if you have disabilities and qualify for discounts.

Where Do I Go to Get a Pet License in Marana?

To obtain your pet license in person, you can visit the Town of Marana building.

Alternatively, if you don't want to wait in line at the building, you can visit their website and order your license online.

Finally, if you're willing to fill out several forms, pay postage, and wait for lengthy processing, it's also possible to get it by mail through Marana Animal Services.

How Can I Renew or Replace My Pet License in Marana?

The exact date that you need to renew your Marana pet license depends on how long you paid to have your pet license active. You can get them in one, two, or three-year intervals. You have to pay for your renewal 30 days after the expiration date of the license.

If you need a replacement tag for your pet, it's going to cost you $10. And the late fee for not paying on time after the expiration is also $10.

How Long Does a Pet License Last in Marana?

Your pet license expires when the vaccine records for your pet expires. This might fall on a slightly different month from when you first got the license.

For the most part, that's on an annual basis, even though Marana offers licenses for up to three years.

Can My Pet License Be Revoked?

It's not usually common to get your pet license revoked without having a hearing first. What if it does happen, though?

How to Save Time Registered Your Pet in Marana, Arizona, Using


  1. Go to the Pet Licenses product on DoNotPay.
  2. Enter the county or city you are looking to register your pet in.
  3. Tell us more about your pet, including the breed, gender, whether they are spayed/neutered, approximate age, and more.
  4. Upload evidence documents that prove that your pet has been spayed/neutered (if applicable) and a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate.
  5. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.
  6. Complete your application by paying the license processing fee, so we can file the application on your behalf.

Why Use DoNotPay to Obtain Your Marana Pet License?

While anyone can apply for a Marana pet license on their own, the process can be tedious, expensive, and time-consuming. With the DoNotPay app, we make it easy for you to apply for or renew a Marana pet license with the click of a button.

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