Save Big With Lululemon's Price Adjustment Policy

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Everything You Need to Know About Lululemon’s Price Adjustment Policy

Lululemon is one of the most popular brands of athletic clothing in the world, with nearly 500 stores worldwide. Combined with their online sales, they're a true powerhouse in the industry. But on items? And how can you be sure you're getting the best discounts on their clothing? DoNotPay can help you save money when buying your activewear in a variety of ways.

Does Lululemon Have a Price Adjustment Policy?

Unfortunately, Lululemon does not offer a traditional price adjustment policy. This means that if you buy some leggings that go on clearance a day later, you can't be refunded the difference. Because each store is a franchise, they do offer price matching between the brick-and-mortar stores and the website. If you find a price discrepancy on a purchase (either online or in-store), you can upload your receipt to the Lululemon live chat, and they'll process a refund of the price difference.

Other Ways to Save Money at Lululemon

There are a few ways to save money on your Lululemon purchases.

  1. Shop on the "We Made Too Much" page between 11 AM and noon Eastern time on Thursdays for discounts on overstocked items.
  2. Go to a Lululemon outlet store for steep discounts on unsold items.
  3. Don't forget to claim any discounts you're eligible for. This includes the Sweat Collective discount and the military discount, which we'll discuss in more depth later in this post.

What Other Discounts Does Lululemon Offer?

Even though Lululemon does not offer traditional price adjustments, they do offer many discounts that make their clothes much easier to afford.

MilitaryYes (25% off all purchases with valid ID)Frontline WorkerYes (25% off all purchases with valid ID)
BirthdayYes (20% off if you have a Lululemon membership)Fitness Trainer/Elite AthleteYes, through the Sweat Collective program

Alternatives to Lululemon That Do Offer Price Adjustments

There are a variety of other athletic clothing companies that offer price adjustments, including:

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Even though Lululemon doesn't offer price adjustment on its items, DoNotPay can still help you save money on your purchases at Lululemon stores. DoNotPay's Find the Best Deals product lets you find the lowest price on any item, and the Deals and Coupons product finds coupon codes for your purchases, both at Lululemon and other stores.

How to Claim Lululemon Discounts on Your Own

There are a few reliable ways to get discounts on Lululemon clothing. If you're a member of the military, a firefighter, EMT/paramedic, police officer, or even a correctional officer, you and your spouse are eligible for a 25% discount on all your Lululemon purchases (as long as you can provide identification indicating your job). You do have to make these purchases in a physical store, however.

You can also join the Lululemon Membership Program in some cities, giving you special coupons and discounts on your purchases.

The Team Discount allows you to get up to 30% off purchases of 12 or more identical items.

If you run a fitness club (which can be as simple as a jogging club that meets regularly) or you're an elite-level athlete, you may also be able to apply for the Sweat Collective discount.

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