The Complete Guide to Getting a Lake Forest Pet License

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Discover the Easy Way to Get a Lake Forest Pet License

Pet licenses are an important part of living in California, where everything is regulated and a licensed pet is far safer from your neighbors than an unlicensed one. Of course, actually getting your is not as easy as it sounds. Many city and county offices offer minimal support to complete your necessary paperwork, and Lake Forest is no exception. Fortunately, you still have options. DoNotPay makes it easy to license your pet with a simple online process, no matter how difficult the Lake Forest system may be.

What are Different Ways to License a Pet in Lake Forest, CA

For pet licenses, you would think that there would be a way to get one by mail, in person, and perhaps by phone. Officially, none of these options are available in Lake Forest. Lake Forest has partnered with OC Animal Care to provide exactly one way to get the necessary protections that pet licensing provides: an online form. They used to offer door-to-door licensing, but this has been suspended due to COVID.

How to License Your Lake Forest Pets Online

To license your pet in Lake Forest, you will need to head to their website portal.

Get a New Pet License

  • Click 'Start a New Registration' at the bottom of the page.
  • Don't worry about the request for ID numbers in the main body of the page.

Renew a Pet License

  • Fill out your previous license number and personal identification
  • Click 'Find Your Information'

From there, follow the directions to enter the correct documents and payment to receive your pet license. If the portal isn't working for you or you can't find your existing pet license by number, this can be a real hassle. Unfortunately, the city provides no other way to get your Lake Forest pet licensed.

How Much Does It Cost to License a Pet in Lake Forest?

The one thing that Lake Forest does tell us about its licensing process is how much it costs. (And yes, they do want you to get your dog fixed.)

Annual LicenseCost
Unsterilized Dog License$159.00
Spayed/Neutered Dog License$20.00
Puppy License (4 to 6 months old)$20.00
Unsterilized Dog License for Owners Aged 65+$159.00
Sterilized Dog License for Owners Aged 65+$10.00
Unsterilized Cat License$9.00
Spayed/Neutered Cat License$9.00
Replacement Tag Fee$9.00

The Intimidating Late Fee Structure of Lake Forest, CA Pet Licenses

A pet license lasts for 12 months, after which a late fee of $20 per dog will be levied at your next pet licensing. In addition, if your late fee goes into collections, they'll charge you an un-waivable $58 fee. If you are found without a pet license, you will be charged $112 for non-compliance with the pet licensing ordinance. Those fees can add up:

  • $20 per dog registered late
  • $58 for collections of your late fees
  • $112 non-compliance fee for unlicensed dogs

How to Acquire, Renew, or Reinstate Your Lake Forest Pet License

Acquiring a pet license in Lake Forest is not only necessary (with serious fines for late or delinquent licensing), but there's also only one route to get them officially. If the online system doesn 't work for you and you don't have time to fight with a city office's limited customer service, you're not out of luck. DoNotPay can help you get your through a simple online process that doesn't rely on the OC Animal Care platform.

How to Save Time Registering Your Pet in Lake Forest using DoNotPay:

If you want to save time registering your pet in Lake Forest using DoNotPay but don't know where to start, we have you covered with these easy steps:

1. Go to the Pet Licenses product on DoNotPay.

2. Enter the county or city you are looking to register your pet in.

3. Tell us more about your pet, including the breed, gender, whether they are spayed/neutered, approximate age, and more.

4. Upload evidence documents that prove that your pet has been spayed/neutered (if applicable) and a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate.

5. Enter your contact information, including email, address, and phone number.

6. Complete your application by paying the license processing fee, so we can file the application on your behalf.

Know Someone Who Needs Pet Licensing in Other Cities or Counties?

DoNotPay knows that pet licensing can be challenging, especially because you have to go through local government offices to get it done. Municipal offices rarely have the customer service and support needed to overcome hurdles, but we do. Let us help you and those you know safely license your pets each year no matter where you live:

What else can DoNotPay do?

Once you've taken care of your pet license, check out some of the other things DoNotPay can do to make your life easier and avoid needless expenses:

DoNotPay was founded to help people bypass the frustration of difficult systems and unresponsive offices. We'll help you avoid late fees, pay bills, and handle licensing, to name just a few of the great ways we make life a little simpler, easier, and more affordable.

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