4 Steps To Get Help With BGE Bill In Baltimore City

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4 Steps To Get Help With BGE Bill In Baltimore City

Are you falling behind on your utility bills? If you're worried about making your next payment, know that you're not alone. The National Energy Assistance Directors Association estimates that 15-20% of American households are behind on their utility payments.

As a BGE customer, you have access to programs that can make it easier for you to keep up with your payments. If you would like to , DoNotPay can help.

Are All These Charges Necessary?

to Central Maryland customers. These will appear on the first page of your bill as separate line items, along with any outstanding balances and additional taxes and fees.

The second page of your bill shows how you are charged for your actual usage. There is a single Supply charge for each service, but you will see multiple items under Delivery:

Customer ChargeA flat fee that covers anything unrelated to delivery or supply, like reading your meter.
EmPower MDBGE runs a Smart Energy Savers Program, which offers benefits like discounts on energy-efficient appliances and incentives for minimizing energy usage during peak hours.
Distribution ChargeDelivery fee.
RSP (Rate Stabilization Plan)BGE has increased the supply rate, but the increase was capped at the time of announcement with the rest of the increase being charged for years. This charge helps to decrease the immediate impact on you as a customer.
Demand Resource SurchargeBGE is under contract with other entities to reduce energy demand at peak times and may incur a cost to do so.
ERI (Electric Reliability Initiative) ChargeThis charge goes toward improving infrastructure to minimize outages.
STRIDE (Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement)Like the ERI charge, this goes to improving gas delivery systems.

What Happens if You Miss the Bill

If you pay your bill late, you will be charged no more than 5% of the amount you owe. If BGE chooses to disconnect you for nonpayment, you will be notified in advance. If the temperature within the next 72 hours is expected to be below 32 degrees in the winter or above 95 in the summer, you will not be disconnected to ensure that your health is not in danger. To be reconnected, you must pay outstanding balances in full along with any reconnection fees.

Assistance Options for Your BGE Bill

Move Your Due Date

You can avoid the 5% late fee by requesting an extension on your due date. You can request an extension on your bill details page if

  • Your account is in good standing (no history of late payments)
  • You have no past-due balance
  • You last requested an extension more than 90 days prior and paid that balance by the extension date

Budget Billing

If your bill fluctuates too much from month to month, you can enroll in Budget Billing and pay a set amount every month, allowing you to plan further ahead. Your payment amount is based on your historical energy usage, but if you use significantly more or less than expected, the amount will change accordingly. On Budget Billing, your payment will not change more than once every three months and you will be notified a month before any changes.

Payment Arrangements

If you have an overdue balance, you may be eligible for a payment arrangement to pay it off. Payment arrangements can last up to nine months, giving you more flexibility to make up the difference. To qualify for a payment arrangement, you must have

  1. Active residential service
  2. No more than $5,000 overdue
  3. Not defaulted on a payment arrangement in the last 18 months

You will have to pay a down payment within five days of being approved for a payment plan. Every month following, you will have to pay a portion of your overdue balance in addition to your current month's bill. If you do not pay the full amount of your payment arrangement every month, you will be considered in default.

State Assistance

Maryland offers three programs to help residents pay their utilities:

  1. Electric Universal Service - Get help with your electric bill.
  2. Maryland Energy Assistance - If you have gas and electric service, this program helps with both.
  3. Fuel Fund of Maryland - You pay a portion of your bill while the Fuel Fund pays the remaining amount.

There is also the 211 directory for finding additional resources.

Why Use Donotpay to Solve Your Problem

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Get Help From DoNotPay

DoNotPay can on your behalf:

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What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

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